11:30, Thu 9 Aug
Gary Gardner is expected to reunite with his brother Craig at Blues, as a loan move looks likely. According to the Daily Mail, Gardner is expected to make the short move accross the city before the loan deadline shuts on August 31st. The 26-year-old spent most of last season on loan at Barnsley and

Few rumours on twitter that he might be coming.
08:24, Thu 9 Aug
Can I point out that he's a DVB or will Tarq beat me up?
The Usual Suspect
08:27, Thu 9 Aug
No thanks.
08:29, Thu 9 Aug
Nah, AC Milan are in for him again, finally going to get their man !
08:43, Thu 9 Aug
We need another CM.... it’s a yes from me
08:48, Thu 9 Aug
Not only is a villa prick, he is pretty crap
08:54, Thu 9 Aug
Not sure how he would fit into our 10k per week and no fee/loan fee limit.

He’s also no better than what we have, not for me.
08:56, Thu 9 Aug
Wouldn't welcome that DVB here as long as there is a hole in my backside.
09:01, Thu 9 Aug
Yet his brother gets a great reception everywhere he goes

Funny old world
09:04, Thu 9 Aug
One's blues one isnt

but thats been done to death hasnt it bob?
09:06, Thu 9 Aug
They are/were both Vilers
09:09, Thu 9 Aug
Wrong but no worries
09:10, Thu 9 Aug
Correct answer

09:14, Thu 9 Aug
Not this shit again.
I don't give a feck who they support, but I wouldn't want Gary as we have the better brother anyway, Gary is shite.

For what it's worth, mate knows him very well over a number of years and swears Craig is blue, he told porkies while at vile to keep the freaks happy.
09:15, Thu 9 Aug
One was a blues fan trying to make a career at Villa and advised on what to say, the other is a player that has never supported a team but spent most his life at Villa so naturally follows them. He isn’t bothered about being a football fan he just wants to play football
09:16, Thu 9 Aug
09:18, Thu 9 Aug
Gary is a Liverpool fan, he idolizes Gerrard.

I would take him, he is better than Kieftenbeld and Ndoye.
09:19, Thu 9 Aug
And I suppose he was advised to jump into the Holte End to celebrate Gary Cahills overhead kick against us too?

eff him, he's villa
09:21, Thu 9 Aug
Troy Deeney celebrates when he scores past us... your next point
09:23, Thu 9 Aug
We have enough shit midfielders, he’s another.
09:23, Thu 9 Aug
I don't know Gary Gardner but if he is fairly athletic, can do his defensive duties well enough, can tackle and, occasionally, pass the ball to someone in Blue he may have to do. A passing footballer in midfield seems impossible so a hard working, reliable kind of player is what we may end up with.
Wigan Pier.
09:26, Thu 9 Aug
whilst wearing a Villa kit?

Jumping into the Holte?

To be mobbed by hundreds of joyous Villa fans?

Pathetic how much of a free pass Craig Gardner gets when you look back at a) him professing his love for the Villa, b) jumping into the Holte to celebrate a goal against Blues, c) the way he left us after relegation, d) the crap he has delivered since he returned
09:26, Thu 9 Aug
Pathetic how people are too scared to send tweets
09:31, Thu 9 Aug
We have enough shit midfielders, he’s another.

I agree.

I don't care who Gary Gardner does or doesn't support - neither Craig to be fair.

And we could really do with a midfielder, but not Gary Gardner. He would just be another body and we don't need that.

If he were actually any good it might be different but he's not.
09:32, Thu 9 Aug
One Gardner is enough at our club!!
09:32, Thu 9 Aug
more than enough
09:34, Thu 9 Aug
If hes worse than Craig he indeed must be shite . Gardners been taking the pi$$ since he came back .From what ive seen of Gary hes average but better by miles than what weve got

Personally I dont care if hes the bastard lovechild of Charlie Aitken and Dave Pountney if he helps us win games