10:30, Thu 9 Aug
Gary Gardner is expected to reunite with his brother Craig at Blues, as a loan move looks likely. According to the Daily Mail, Gardner is expected to make the short move accross the city before the loan deadline shuts on August 31st. The 26-year-old spent most of last season on loan at Barnsley and

Few rumours on twitter that he might be coming.
07:24, Thu 9 Aug
Can I point out that he's a DVB or will Tarq beat me up?
The Usual Suspect
07:27, Thu 9 Aug
No thanks.
07:29, Thu 9 Aug
Nah, AC Milan are in for him again, finally going to get their man !
07:43, Thu 9 Aug
We need another CM.... it’s a yes from me
07:48, Thu 9 Aug
Not only is a villa prick, he is pretty crap
07:54, Thu 9 Aug
Not sure how he would fit into our 10k per week and no fee/loan fee limit.

He’s also no better than what we have, not for me.
07:56, Thu 9 Aug
Wouldn't welcome that DVB here as long as there is a hole in my backside.
08:01, Thu 9 Aug
Yet his brother gets a great reception everywhere he goes

Funny old world
08:04, Thu 9 Aug
One's blues one isnt

but thats been done to death hasnt it bob?
08:06, Thu 9 Aug
They are/were both Vilers
08:09, Thu 9 Aug
Wrong but no worries
08:10, Thu 9 Aug
Correct answer

08:14, Thu 9 Aug
Not this shit again.
I don't give a feck who they support, but I wouldn't want Gary as we have the better brother anyway, Gary is shite.

For what it's worth, mate knows him very well over a number of years and swears Craig is blue, he told porkies while at vile to keep the freaks happy.
08:15, Thu 9 Aug
One was a blues fan trying to make a career at Villa and advised on what to say, the other is a player that has never supported a team but spent most his life at Villa so naturally follows them. He isn’t bothered about being a football fan he just wants to play football
08:16, Thu 9 Aug
08:18, Thu 9 Aug
Gary is a Liverpool fan, he idolizes Gerrard.

I would take him, he is better than Kieftenbeld and Ndoye.
08:19, Thu 9 Aug
And I suppose he was advised to jump into the Holte End to celebrate Gary Cahills overhead kick against us too?

eff him, he's villa
08:21, Thu 9 Aug
Troy Deeney celebrates when he scores past us... your next point