16:22, Thu 9 Aug
eff off

very articulate and informative. If that's the best you can do may I suggest you update your signature and arrange a checkup for Thongs.
16:24, Thu 9 Aug
Ok signing,beggars etc etc.
16:25, Thu 9 Aug
agreed, Welcome.

Steve Bruce has done us a favour there

I agree, I actually think he's alright.
Aston Villa midfielder Gary Gardner has crossed the Second City divide and joined Birmingham City on loan

16:33, Thu 9 Aug
With our circumstances it’s a very good signing, welcome Gary, some of our fans seriously need to get a grip.
16:33, Thu 9 Aug
eff off

Welcome Gary
Ron Wylie and Stan Lynn both played for Vile before us and both of them became much admired and respected by Blues fans . Malcolm Beard and Geoff Vowden went the other way and to be honest I cant remember the 12 toes making this sort of fuss .
16:35, Thu 9 Aug
This all day long decent player
Welcome, Gary!
While he’s wearing the shirt ill back him.
Good luck to him. Interesting see 2 brother playing together side by side for us. Saw Dave and Bob Latchford play for us together, but first time I have seen 2 brothers as outfield players for Blues
First loan from them since Les Sealey?
16:48, Thu 9 Aug
What an absolute f*cking joke.
The Usual Suspect
16:53, Thu 9 Aug
What an absolute f*cking joke.

I agree our fans are an absolute joke, embarrassing themselves. Proper blues fans will get behind him, good signing for us.
Welcome. If you read this- and there’s a good chance you will, you’ll get to realise there’s about 40-50% of our fan base who are against new signings purely down to who they played for in the past. The sort of emotionally stupid people who can’t move on with their life after a bad experience. Don’t worry about them.

Just give us everything you’ve got on the pitch and you’ll be fine.
16:57, Thu 9 Aug
Welcome Gary! Chuffed with this to be honest, if he’s wearing the shirt that’s good enough for me.

I mean I know we're fans and it's different but imagine how 'odd' it would feel pulling a blues top on if you're villa. Vice versa too.

But nevertheless, he's being paid so he should do a job.

If he runs into the Tilton and kisses the badge though I'll wrap my boxers around my head and call myself Mustafa.
17:09, Thu 9 Aug
I think he’s holding the shirt as far away form himself as possible can we call the loan off he obviously isn’t committed
17:24, Thu 9 Aug
Is this a effing joke? Permanent transfers fair enough, but loans from Villa is something that should never happen. Has it ever happened before?