08:57, Fri 10 Aug
That being said, anyone suggesting that Trueman should start over Camp should be permanently banned from the forum.

I think Trueman should start over Camp.

See ya...
09:16, Fri 10 Aug
Haven't seen a lot of Trueman or Camp tbh.

Does Trueman command his area? He looked really small last week. The thought of Boro plonking corners and throws on top of his head with Flint and Hugil steaming in makes me feel uneasy.
09:26, Fri 10 Aug
We have Trueman who has played 1 Championship game in his life vs Camp who has..

well you get the idea.
Middlesbrough (H) Vassell for Kieftenbeld
Norwich (A) Mahoney for Jota
09:30, Fri 10 Aug
Norwich aren't really the sort of team that just lump the ball in the box - as Middlesbrough obviously will, so it's hard to judge on last week.

I just think that having given Trueman one game, chucking him out would be harsh. If he had looked shit it might be different, but he didn't.

That's only my opinion of course, some people think he looked crap and was to blame for the first goal - bizarrely I even saw one post suggesting he might have saved the second goal.

By the same token, if Camp were an excellent keeper I would understand him being put straight in. But - whilst I think Camp is ok and nowhere near as bad as many other people have decided he is, before he's even played - I don't think he's so good that it's a no brainer to put him in.

Giving Trueman another go will boost his confidence. Chucking him straight out will knock him big-style.
11:15, Fri 10 Aug
Predicted - not my preference.




11:32, Fri 10 Aug
Camp in for Trueman, otherwise as you were.
12:01, Fri 10 Aug
We have Trueman who has played 1 Championship game in his life vs Camp who has..

well you get the idea.

Joe Hart has played more games in the Prem than Pickford. Does that make him a better keeper then?

I would start Camp tomorrow purely for experience against those big B@stards at Boro but would generally prefer Trueman.

Camp was once a good keeper but just look back at his last season at Sunderland...
12:15, Fri 10 Aug

Gardner Gardner Gardner Gardner

Gardner Gardner N’Doye Gardner

Gardner Gardner

Made me chuckle 😁