No, I've never heard blues fans sing that.......Ever ;)
16:41, Thu 13 Sep
I was there as a 22 year old and we stood in the cemetery end if memory serves me right. I took my bird at the time who was a real goer! Had great fun on the way home!

Come on Sheppy you can't leave it there, spill the beans!
18:36, Thu 13 Sep
Great goal from Sturridge & an even better slow rendition of our 'anthem' ...... 😎
19:03, Thu 13 Sep
My memory of the game was that we won 1-0 with a last min John Frain pen.

Conclusion: My memory is fecked.
Turn left when you get on a plane.
19:15, Thu 13 Sep
The only time I have been there.

Can't remember much about it, but another ground ticked off.

I thought it was a Frain penalty.
21:01, Thu 13 Sep
i dont know why but seem to remember loads of oak trees round the back of away end
21:06, Thu 13 Sep
I will add my name to the list of 'I was definitely there but remember nothing of the game'. Nothing to do with alcohol I've just got a bad memory.
“Egg, sausage, cake and beans. Everybody knows what it means” (repeat)
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
Everybody knows what it means
07:36, Fri 14 Sep
Sounds like he did, all over her Wally Jumblatts!
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar
“Egg, sausage, cake and beans. Everybody knows what it means” (repeat)
by Jove he's got it !