08:27, Fri 14 Sep
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...now😂😂 [photos.app.goo.gl]
08:33, Fri 14 Sep
Thick,Vile SCUM.
08:38, Fri 14 Sep
What a pi55head 😁
08:39, Fri 14 Sep
That's harsh, he was only commenting about B6
08:41, Fri 14 Sep
12:23, Fri 14 Sep
He was on Jeremy Kyle, was he ?

Wonder if he asked to be locked in the studio after the show finished for an hour and a half, so he could get back to his Erdington bedsit safely?
12:32, Fri 14 Sep
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...now😂😂 [photos.app.goo.gl]

Guess the Jeremy Kyle show subject?...oh go on then, I'll go first...

"I caught my husband bumming a dog with a dildo that was strapped to his head"