08:37, Fri 14 Sep
Went last night

Expected a laugh but was surprised with just how good it was

If you're a fan of the show, I highly recommend watching it, worth every penny
09:11, Fri 14 Sep
Cousin went last night. Waiting for an in depth review.
Cannot go I’m afraid. Gutted.

Helloooooooo Daaaaaaaave I think you’re toilet is blocked Daaaaaaave :-)
09:37, Fri 14 Sep
Tubbs and Edward doing a singing number is hauntingly beautiful

Can't beat a bit of Creme Brulee either
09:51, Fri 14 Sep
Local theatre?
10:49, Fri 14 Sep
Excellent evenings entertainment with all the usual characters.

Liked the fact that it acted as a conclusion to several story arcs from the Anniversary Specials - Pauline & Mickey, Edward & Tubbs.

Especially liked Mick McNamara, Stump Hole Caverns guide, and Toddy the Bingo Caller - both sad and funny at the same time.
11:31, Fri 14 Sep
Bingo caller was chillingly delightful

Bringing a few characters back from the dead was nice also
11:33, Fri 14 Sep
Can't get a bloody ticket, sold out at my local theatre...