13:19, Fri 14 Sep
Just been reading an article in the Financial Times about changes being made to the Investec banking and investment group.

They are putting Fani Titi in charge!!😂

Fani Titi, who has served as non-executive director on Investec’s board, and Hendrik du Toit, IAM’s founding chief executive, will take over as co-chiefs of the current group from October 1.
13:22, Fri 14 Sep
I don't think this one will ever be beaten, given the context of his article

Linked Image
13:26, Fri 14 Sep
Beat this...[www.bbc.co.uk]#
13:33, Fri 14 Sep
13:45, Fri 14 Sep
Saudi Arabian who was Minister of Oil during the oil crisis

Sheikh Yamani

13:52, Fri 14 Sep
Always a good topic.

Used to go through the Global address book when I worked at HSBC looking for funny names.

The highlight was a Wan Kin Man
*Imagine an Olympic gold medal-level achievement where if you don’t get that gold medal, you’re going to die.*

*the greatest achievement in sports—ever*

**Go Google Free Solo Trailer**
National Geographic - Sunday March 3rd
13:58, Fri 14 Sep
At Eagle Star we had a client called Roger Hardon.
14:04, Fri 14 Sep
Used to play the same game at Cable & Wireless.

"Fanny Pong" had the whole office rolling in painfull laughter
14:06, Fri 14 Sep
Not sure if these are made up but was sent a couple by mates on whatsapp.

Boi Ling
Makunt izichi
14:10, Fri 14 Sep
I once got a paging call put out over a tannoy for Warren Eric Hunt.
14:21, Fri 14 Sep
Way back in the early seventies on the first days induction meeting when I stated my apprenticeship at a well known engineering factory we were introduced to some people.

The Health and Safety officer was first up with his broken arm in a sling.

Followed by the plant maintenance manager and electrical supervisor.

Harold Sparks and Dennis Bluett.
15:02, Fri 14 Sep
Can't remember as my off hand but, remember chuckling when a friend at a bank told me he'd dealt with a Miss J Y Kelly
What did the Knights in White satin?
18:22, Fri 14 Sep
Used to work with Mike Hunt
18:29, Fri 14 Sep
I used to work with a lad called Jimmy Riddell.
18:31, Fri 14 Sep
Likewise at Hewlett-Packard - the worldwide telephone directory was always good for a laugh. Everard Knobloch was a particular favourite.
20:38, Fri 14 Sep
Lee Camp
07:24, Sat 15 Sep
There's a grave in the jewellery quarter cemetery with the name Fanny Hitch on it.
07:33, Sat 15 Sep
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
09:25, Sat 15 Sep
I worked at a body shop with a lad called Wayne Kerr
09:27, Sat 15 Sep
I worked with a chap called Richard Head.