John Terry has announced his retirement from playing. Can we expect another announcement in next few days - The Dream team ????
20:23, Sun 7 Oct
I think it’s almost a certainty after that - very coincidental timing if not...
21:02, Sun 7 Oct
Makes me wonder whether Villa are under a soft embargo which stops them sregistering players.
22:02, Sun 7 Oct
This has potential to be absolutely delicious.

Henry is a fecking idiot if his Sky "analysis" is anything to go by, and what coaching credentials does Terry have?

Sounds like the Vile's new owners have a bit of Dong Ren about them!
Dong Ren Out.
00:44, Mon 8 Oct
Yeah I can see this being there “Zola “ when we got him in , our owners wanted a NAME to get us in the news and I think that’s what wittons owners are after a standout big name so Henry it is by looks of it , what is he going to do to sort there defence out? What does he now about the championship? Nothing , I can see after a short honeymoon period this going badly for them and great fun for us , sit back again and watc( the circus
02:59, Mon 8 Oct
I might be running against the tide here, but I think Terry will be a very decent manager.

He has always had the ability to inspire others, allied to the ability to read the game superbly.

Not unlike Bruce in many respects, but of a much more modern mindset.
There's too much opinion and not enough fact.
03:45, Mon 8 Oct
Or he'll try and shag all the players wives.
04:41, Mon 8 Oct
On the face of it it does look like a dream appointment from a Blues perspective.

I seem to remember mention on here that Edens has a poor record of managerial appointments back in the US and I'm assuming that Sawiris knows the square root of feck all about football.

Henry's got experience with Belgium granted but helping to manage a team of world class players beat a bunch of no-marks is a slightly different proposition to managing in the Championship. Here's hoping he's another zola / Di Matteo.

Given the list of potential candidates this is probably as good as we could have hoped for (honourable mentions to Pardew and Cotterill).
Pardew tends to start pretty well at places.
Just looked at their upcoming fixtures to the end of the year:

Oct 20th H Swansea City
Oct 23rd A Norwich City
Oct 26th A QPR

Nov 2nd H Bolton Wanderers
Nov 10th A Derby
Nov 25th H Birmingham
Nov 28th H Nottm Forest

Dec 1st A Middlesbrough
Dec 8th A West Brom
Dec 15th H Stoke City
Dec 22nd H Leeds United
Dec 26th A Swansea City
Dec 29th A Preston

There's three games there which you can consider to be "easy" - QPR, Bolton and Preston - and two of those are away. Henry and Terry better get that team organised and get some results on the board otherwise the bed sheets will be out, it'll be another year in the Championship and there'll be some sort of FFP / P&S timebomb tick tick ticking away...
Yep. On paper they had a very easy start to the season.
The Right Reverend Charcy Blue Blue
Yep. On paper they had a very easy start to the season.

yet i've got some of them arguing that it doesnt matter who you play, mind you these were the same mugs who were saying that it was irrelevant how much money a team had spent.
AnE - conspiracy theorist, ardent viler-hater, nutjob cyclist, Cubie-bater, go-to iconoclast
08:18, Mon 8 Oct
When Henry was hired by Belgium, he was there I believe to assist Martinez in relation to attacking play. Given the talent they have in that respect I would say that it’s pretty hard to assess how effective he was, other than to say overall in the World Cup they didn’t always get the best out of their talent in that respect - and in the game against Japan the approach was as sophisticated as put the big men up and lump it in.
08:22, Mon 8 Oct
Can't see Henry and Terry working well together.

Both huge egos, Terry will always have one eye on the top job if Henry gets the chop, they'll disgaree on things and they have no previous relationship or bond that ties them together or suggests they have any form of loyalty to one another.
08:25, Mon 8 Oct
If Terry did up there could he register as a player yet get paid as a coach to work around FFP ?
08:27, Mon 8 Oct
Coaches salaries are still included in FFP, so no, I don't think so.
08:35, Mon 8 Oct
Cheers Sir.
08:39, Mon 8 Oct
He's announced his retirement from playing today which seems more than a coincidence, so it looks like the 'Dream Team' is genuine. Lovely
08:49, Mon 8 Oct
That was why I asked, wondered if it was around FFP as they clearly need a 37 year old centre half to improve their defence
09:07, Mon 8 Oct
Won't be a way round it, but I can certainly see them carrying on being awful at back for the next 6 games, and Terry coming out of retirement to a hero's return. His ego would lap that up