20:16, Sat 6 Oct
nothing on the outside nothing on the inside
20:17, Sat 6 Oct
Donaldson vs Wigan?


Adams in the Cup last season?
20:17, Sat 6 Oct
Lingard ?
Southside Blue , not only keeping the blues alive but also singlehandedly saving the British Manufacturing Industry .
Donaldson against Bristol City
20:19, Sat 6 Oct
Donaldson vs Wigan?

Nope, right player but was against Bristol at home first half hat trick start of 2015/2016 season.
Adams last year carabao cup. League hat trick a I think Donaldson at home couple years ago in a September game. Can’t remember the opposition though but might’ve been Bristol City?
20:25, Sat 6 Oct
Was a discussion during the game.

Since Lingard? Adams, Donaldson?

Macheda had one too?
20:39, Sat 6 Oct
The Usual Suspect
20:48, Sat 6 Oct
Was a discussion during the game.

Since Lingard? Adams, Donaldson?

Macheda had one too?

Did Macheda? I don't remember that for the life of me
nothing on the outside nothing on the inside
20:53, Sat 6 Oct
Zigic had one at leeds but that was a few years ago
Keeping Right On since 1981
20:59, Sat 6 Oct
Think we should have subbed Juke late on and allowed us to salute his fantastic hat trick
Thoroughly deserved
Fair play to him
I hold my hands up to the fact that I've doubted him from a technical point of view
Sorry Juke ... You are rapidly gaining cult Blues status
She's as sweet as Tupelo honey
She's an angel of the first degree
David Geddes portsmouth 85 :):)
Barry Bridges got a hat-trick against Rotherham in a 4-1 win at stans in 1967, I think Vowden got the other one.

I thought we were going to see a similar result today.
22:13, Sat 6 Oct
Not the last Hat-Trick but the last perfect one Chris Wood V Millwall
23:03, Sat 6 Oct
Adams in the league cup last season, but the last one in the league was Donaldson.
Bordesley not Small Heath
David Geddes portsmouth 85 :):)

Geddis’ will always be one I remember because it was quite an away trip. There were other things I saw that day that were even less predictable than his hattrick though.
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
23:54, Sat 6 Oct
Sounds like this was a common discussion around the ground. We had it as Donaldson (in the League).

I thought Juke was exceptional today. Apart from his goals, his work rate was exceptional- as normal. He had so many touches and pressed so well, and his commitment to the team was exemplary - head wound bandaged and immediately went for two 50:50 headers.

As mentioned before, just a small point, but a shame he wasn’t subbed with 2 mins to go. He deserved a massive standing ovation.
09:39, Sun 7 Oct
I remember we went ages with no one scoring a hat trick for us, then at Peterborough we got one but I can not remember who it was, could it have been Jonathon Hunt?
Goodbye says it all.
Think Hunt scored three in just over a year. I remember we made a big deal over them all as it had been ages.