07:53, Sun 7 Oct
Assisted the 1st and 3rd goal.

And the 2nd he was significant in the build up play.

What a player.
07:59, Sun 7 Oct
He’s looking like the player we thought we had signed, Considering we play direct to Juke from goal kicks and we are a physically strong team, he fits our system so well. Slips past players with ease, how many assists is it now this season?
A few more goals to his game for us and his stock has doubled for sure. Only worry for me is, other teams might be sniffing around.

He shouldn’t take pens for us though.
08:19, Sun 7 Oct

4 assists according to this site.

Tidy player.
'I truly believe that at some point during his Pompey tenure, Cotterill stated into the abyss and was met, after a time, with the gentlest of breezes and carried upon that breeze was a tiny, sweet voice, whispering "Everyone knows you're a ****". Over and over and over.' - The Secret Footballer, on Steve Cotterill.
08:33, Sun 7 Oct
Did wonderfully to set Maghoma through as well, when he blasted it over the bar instead of squaring it to Juke. And Mahoney, who also should have squared it instead of shooting
08:37, Sun 7 Oct
He was brilliant again

Thought Pedersen looked very confident

Juke’s second goal was actually offside, but it’s about time we had one go our way
He plays quite wide, I think it's unfair to expect many goals. He's not the right side of a front three, he's the right side of a midfield 4.
Think the debate over Jota being just a ball juggling, fancy Dan is over. Such a big player for us and only reason he hasn't had more assists is our finishing has been so poor - would have been double figures else.
Was he playing as a front three at Brentford or behind the striker? He bagged a few there but fair point, he is playing on the right in a four man midfield.
09:25, Sun 7 Oct
I know you've atoned (pardon the pun) and seen the light over Gary Monk, but this is just another example. Jota was dog shite under Cotterill, but bloomed the minute Monk walked through the door.
09:25, Sun 7 Oct
Juke’s second goal was actually offside,

Just replayed it several times and can't see an offside.

Who do you reckon was offside, and at what point in the build up?
09:31, Sun 7 Oct
Juke, from Gardner’s shot. There’s a player on the line but Juke is ahead of the keeper when the shot is struck, I reckon. We deserve it anyway, so feck em.

Linked Image
You are correct he is offside, may have been in line (camera angle) with the goalies foot when he poked the ball in. But when Gardener struck the shot the defender made a deliberate save on the line from it and Juke was between the defender and goalie when that shot was struck, so the ref should have blown up for offside.
Can only give it if the linesman gives it. Juke looked across and checked the lino straight away. Perhaps the link forgot the rules.
10:03, Sun 7 Oct
Jota and Juke stay fit we can make the playoffs... Jota gets injured we are bottom half.

There is more to come from Jota. Scored goals for fun at the Bees
10:36, Sun 7 Oct
Can only give it if the linesman gives it. Juke looked across and checked the lino straight away. Perhaps the link forgot the rules.

there is another thread further down about the paddocks giving the linesman stick.

there you go. it worked. the linesman was obviously all flustered.

paddocks = proper blues
"supporters should be patient a little while longer - sunshine days are just around the corner."
Ken Wheldon - March 18th 1988
Waits for DES to pop up with he is shit.............
10:52, Sun 7 Oct
He's quicker than he gets credit for too.

Our Jim pointed out yesterday, once he gets away nobody catches him, he's so direct, glides over the grass.

Proper player.
11:38, Sun 7 Oct
Jota looked confident and quick yesterday. Did some good defending and tracking back too. I wasn't so sure about taking Mags off yesterday. Bit too early IMHO.
12:19, Sun 7 Oct
He looks a lot faster and more direct this season, I love it, he looks like the player we expected when we paid 6m, maybe even better. My favourite blues player at the moment, he is a joy to watch.
12:21, Sun 7 Oct
Absolutely, looks to be more involved defensively and in CM too.