09:58, Tue 9 Oct
Goodbye says it all.
09:59, Tue 9 Oct
The bastards
10:25, Tue 9 Oct
Maybe we can sell them Roberts.
10:59, Tue 9 Oct
I hope he doesnt become depressed
11:27, Tue 9 Oct
Grounds stays until he has completed his mission.
14:49, Tue 9 Oct
Mrs Grounds will be fuming
15:18, Tue 9 Oct
Mrs Grounds will be fuming

New season , same shitty ...... oh! 🤭
15:21, Tue 9 Oct
Northern shitehawks....🤔
15:49, Tue 9 Oct
Mrs Grounds will be fuming

New season , same shitty ...... oh! 🤭

She'll still genuinely believe that fans are the problem :D delusional
16:21, Tue 9 Oct
A dog turd of a footballer. Look at the difference in our team since we replaced him with Pederson.
16:37, Tue 9 Oct
Because he is crap.
16:54, Tue 9 Oct
One of my uni mates is from Bolton and he told me what the Bolton supporting locals were saying about Grounds. Scathing!
The Usual Suspect
16:54, Tue 9 Oct
Because he is crap.
Can`t believe people on here wanted to keep him. (anyone remember) "I will drive him wherever he wants"
17:01, Tue 9 Oct
Who's worse. Him or Juke?
17:01, Tue 9 Oct
Sorry, Junk.
18:12, Tue 9 Oct
To be fair he did have his best spell for us while others around him were shocking. Having said that I think back up defender would be the best he will ever be at a championship club. Always gave 100% though when others didn't.
18:23, Tue 9 Oct
A mate of mine met him the other week, he said he’s getting on well at Bolton other than finding the commute a ball ache.

He said he seemed like a nice bloke, too.
Grounds did ok for us and was our most consistent player last year until injured. Played over 150 games in the main steady and reliable nowhere near as many mistakes as some like two make out.

Never quite got the constant criticism of him limited but honest and rarely the worst on the day. Compare him to Nsue for example who cost loads more earned lots more and got a fraction of the stick despite being by and large crap.

Some players just seem a target for some. I have seen plenty worse in my 52 years following the club.all in all not bad for a free transfer from Oldham.
19:09, Tue 9 Oct
It is all about perspective. For us he was a free transfer from Oldham where little was expected and whilst he wasn't gifted he tried his best when those around him were not. His effort bought many a good performance. As a Bolton fan he is seen as a regular first team left back with over 150 appearances from a rival championship team. Therefore they expected some degree of skill and talent which regrettably he doesn't have a great deal of.
19:15, Tue 9 Oct
Some of these lot on here will tell you he's our best player. A real trier. A victim of unwarranted scrutiny.

He's dogshit. And so is Craig Gardner.
Cheery Chappy Charcy
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