11:59, Wed 10 Oct
6/5 looks value to me for Khan.

8/13 most certainly does not for Brook.
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12:11, Wed 10 Oct

They have a boost on @ 5/4 as well which looks great value

I think he should be about 1/2 personally
12:42, Wed 10 Oct
Le Mod
Brook is world class at welterweight, not as good at 147.

147 is welterweight.

If Khan managed to avoid taking any big punches for 12 rounds, I think he'd win on nick it on points but I don't think he's got the concentration, and Brook's timing is underrated.

I think Brook with a mid to late stoppage. Not that I think that it will actually happen, mind.
At their respective prime Khan was by far the better fighter and their records show this. Brook has largely fought league 1 opponents whereas Khan has been at the top level for years and years against top opponents (Barrerra, Judah, Maidana, Collazo, Peterson, Garcia, the schooling of Alexander, Canelo).

Right now they're both busted flushes following the Canelo and GGG fights and this will be a race to the bottom. Khan was alarmingly poor in the last fight and Brook should probably be the favourite.

Incidentally some of the comments about Khan's profile in the US are odd. He is extremely respected out there - Showtime don't give out deals to people who aren't capable.

The general social media reaction to and dislike of Khan is very odd. Yes he's a bit arrogant, yes he can be a bit annoying, but he's a boxer and those statements apply to 99.9% of boxers in history.
15:15, Wed 10 Oct
All I meant was he never seemed to have enough of a profile to force Floyd into fighting him.
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15:17, Wed 10 Oct
Brook is very overrated.

Errol Spence showed the levels they were both operating at.

Brook should beat Khan, mind.
Dong Ren Out.
16:43, Wed 10 Oct
All I meant was he never seemed to have enough of a profile to force Floyd into fighting him.

Aye I think this is it. It would have been an interesting match-up and can understand why Floyd wouldn't have been super keen on the fight compared to the others available. Bit of a stretch to suggest Khan wins (not that anyone's really doing that), but he had some attributes which might have tested Floyd.

People forget that with a few latter-day exceptions, people who get hit hard by GGG often struggle to improve in future fights. Khan and Brook have both been through some wars, it's a difficult fight to call but I'm siding with Khan (with the obvious caveats that always come with him). Fat Buddha is typically talking sense
18:26, Wed 10 Oct
Khan has fought greater opposition yes, but also, Khan has lost to lesser opposition than Brook.

GGG > Canelo
Spence > Garcia

I genuinely think technically Khan is one of the best in the past 20 years in Britain, doesn't stop him being weak when punches land, Price was technically good but Thompson stopped him twice