Liam daish and his trumpet
But all the others are either LP tracks or minor songs so where are our songs that are well known out there??
You're right. Thwre isn't any really truly famous song about Brum. It is why we always are in the shadow of other places. But that's the beauty of Brum. Everyone is free to stamp their own mark on it. It is one of the least pretentious places in the world.
21:09, Sat 13 Oct
Thought if one that could have been iconic - "Bristol Road Leads To Dachau" by The Prefects.
21:19, Sat 13 Oct
a nightingale sang in weoley castle square
21:20, Sat 13 Oct
its a long way to new street station.
21:44, Sat 13 Oct
Paul McCartney did a film Give My Regards To Broad Street.