21:13, Wed 10 Oct
Dean Smith with JT at number 2.

Thoughts on the new Vile management team....
Pair of kunts. Match made in heaven.
21:15, Wed 10 Oct
He looks like a cauliflower
21:16, Wed 10 Oct
Sounds like he's got one stuck up his arris
21:16, Wed 10 Oct
Couldn’t give a sh1t
21:17, Wed 10 Oct
steve aerobic
Thoughts on the new Vile management team....

Steptoe and Son
Smith could be good for them

Smith with John Terry forced on him could very well be disastrous

why the hell have they been so he'll bent on giving John Terry a job...if you were Smith you'd want your own people that you trust and know you work well with around you

must really have wanted the job to take it with Terry lurking as his no.2 ready to take his job sometime down the line
21:19, Wed 10 Oct
6 months
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
21:20, Wed 10 Oct
Like someone said on another thread, sadly and by default, they've probably got the best choice by default because of 3 others turning them down.
Hope it fails horribly, Smith is a mealy mouthed weasel.
21:21, Wed 10 Oct
I bet the hole tenders will be running around with little semi ons at the thought of those two in charge.
21:22, Wed 10 Oct
That cancerous club, with its completely unfounded sense of entitlement, has destroyed better managers than him.
21:23, Wed 10 Oct
Could have been worse.

But not much.....for them 😀😀
21:27, Wed 10 Oct
Two chunts leading a pack of chunts. Terry will undermine him at evrey opportunity, this will be a complete disaster.
21:30, Wed 10 Oct
Yep Smith a decent, experienced (relatively) manager-Terry out for himself and waiting and watching for his chance to be the head coach.
Can't imagine Smith is looking forward to having a snake as no2.
21:38, Wed 10 Oct
Silly move by Smith, i know no job is safe in football but he had it fairly cushy at Brentford playing decent football with no pressure, vile on the other hand are poisonous and going there will only damage his reputation. WM will be great in a few months time when they are sitting in 12th place. I'll be surprised if he's there at the start of next season, in 12 months he'll be managing someone like Barnsley.
21:46, Wed 10 Oct
Good move for me, I've got plenty of dirt on him from when he was captain at Walsall!!!
Players Christmas do, Deano ????
21:48, Wed 10 Oct
This is a Stat i like.

Smith Win Percentage with Brentford 39.86

Cotterill Win Percentage with Bristol City 45.69

Both at their respective clubs for 3 years.

Jobs a good un
21:53, Wed 10 Oct
Would of liked someone else tbf but its won me some money anyway.
21:53, Wed 10 Oct
God I despise Terry.

Hope we murder them in November.

Smith the DVB getting his teams to cheat and dive.
Dong Ren Out.
22:32, Wed 10 Oct

There's a pattern. Shitter and shitter.