17:50, Thu 11 Oct
One of the best posts I’ve read on here spot on.
RIP Doug Ellis
Fat Buddha
DES , as we speak I am machining a gearbox output shaft for Aston Manor Brewery .... RIP Doug , a DVB but a good sort .... I hope we have a minutes silence for the old scrote and I hope it isn't spoiled by morons

The best way to keep it respectful is not to have it all.

No real reason for us to have one. Yes he was on the BCFC board and a shareholder at one point. But he owned and put the majority of his money into another club, not ours.

DVB. Turncoat. What’s not to like?
17:59, Thu 11 Oct
Show some manners you disrespectful tossers !!

Bloke did loads for the Midlands

Dad dies when he was just 3 and his mum raised him and his little sister on her own .... and they were about as poor as you could be

He started as a milkman

For many of your older relatives their first holidays abroad would have been with his travel company

Always insisted on getting the best deal but never ever went bust on anyone, never cheated anyone

Gave £millions to charity - not hundreds of thousand, but £millions ... Cheshire Homes, MacMillan Homes, Leisure Centre at Bham University. Yes he was tight (never really ever spent any money on himself either apart from the Rollers) but he was so so generous as well

Doug Ellis Learning Hub at the University of Birmingham Medical School

Doug Ellis Sports Centre at Aston University

Many of you may be living in houses his building company built

Loved football

Served in the war

Secretly pays for all of Paul McGrath's "treatment"

Has passed on money to quite a few Midland players of yesteryear (not just Villa players)

Was part of the group who ensured clubs had properly monitored, accredited Academie
The list is endless ....

.. wish there were more like him

Let’s have a statue to the Dirty Villa Bastard on the Coventry Road
18:05, Thu 11 Oct
genuinely adored his club.

Which one?





All of the above?
18:30, Thu 11 Oct
He did a lot of good but was self obsessed. I once ran the shop that delivered his papers, and if a big story broke about vile he would come in the shop and buy EVERY paper to read their view on the situation. He would quite openly state why he was buying them - "I want to see what they are are writing about me"

RIP Doug
Yep. Hypocritical, fickle tossers. Just seen them on the news, queuing up to say what a great man he was, how they owe him everything and how he was villa, through and through.
Neatly forgetting the absolute dogs abuse they gave him whilst hounding him out of the club.
Vile, vile, chunts.

Sums up the vile fannys well tbh.
22:23, Thu 11 Oct
Actively spent money trying to improve a***n v***a football club...I’m out👎🏼