16:28, Thu 11 Oct
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Taken from Good Morning Britain.

And I've been slumming it with a coffee and a can of Monster, wish my workplace was this accommodating.
16:38, Thu 11 Oct
That took me ages to work out.
16:38, Thu 11 Oct
Proper milf this one is.
16:39, Thu 11 Oct
Shameful!! Monster is a disgraceful drink.
No future.....
16:45, Thu 11 Oct
What am I missing?
16:47, Thu 11 Oct
What am I missing?

The talcum powder on the glass table.
Goodbye says it all.
16:49, Thu 11 Oct
There is a line/residue of a suspicious white substance on the table.
16:51, Thu 11 Oct
I know, but that caffeine hit

I'm open to other suggestions on a suitable alternative though am drug tested so can't follow Susanna's alleged apparent fine example of a pick-me-up
16:52, Thu 11 Oct
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17:19, Thu 11 Oct
An apple.
No future.....
18:10, Thu 11 Oct
In all fairness. Could be anything. Lemsip powder spilled, powdered sweetener?

Na, it's the toot ain't it.
19:01, Thu 11 Oct
Yeah I'm pretty sure if she's got a secret coke addiction she's just going to rack up a line on the news desk in front of everyone, rather than just nipping off by herself for a minute
19:11, Thu 11 Oct
TBF if I had to work with Piers Morgan every day, I would want to be off my tits too.
20:45, Thu 11 Oct
Not what I was hoping for 🙄
10:03, Fri 12 Oct
Does Vagisil come in powdered form?
10:19, Fri 12 Oct
I reckon this could be one of the most disappointing posts of the season. The headline looked so promising....
13:19, Fri 12 Oct
I've looked at this for an hour and I still can't see her nipple
13:39, Fri 12 Oct
Fuming, opened this hoping she would have her rat out.