Bolton have won the same amount of games as villa this season.

Bolton are dogshit, they were getting flukey wins at the start off the season riding their luck, we outplayed them at their place and they won by a blatant hand ball, I think they will go down, they are cack.
20:02, Fri 2 Nov
Donaldo feeding on scraps with no support thank heavens for Monk & Co
20:10, Fri 2 Nov
They should have done better there. Shows vile can still be got at. The longer the game stretches with such a fragile lead, the more volatile that rabble becomes.
20:11, Fri 2 Nov
Tbf, that’s a great clearance
20:13, Fri 2 Nov
It is. Spawny b*starts.
20:20, Fri 2 Nov
Bolton have really come into this, should have equalised, the Vile look so vulnerable at the back.

Unfortunately they'll most likely put this to bed because they have a handful of players capable of quality moments. Abraham/Grealish/Adomah/McGinn/Kodija are all high level Championship performers, no point denying it.

Would bloody love it if Bolton can keep it 1-0 until 75mins though, just to see if they fold (again).
20:26, Fri 2 Nov
bluer than blues
It is. Spawny b*starts.

They are proper jammy, Bolton are a very poor team yet they could of scored twice! vile are very fortunate to still be ahead
20:29, Fri 2 Nov
I don’t think I’ve seen a keeper this bad since Richard Kingson
20:30, Fri 2 Nov
their keeper makes Camp look reliable too
20:32, Fri 2 Nov
Let’s hope he costs them a lot of points, Nyland could become the new enkleman, legend in the making
20:43, Fri 2 Nov
I know we’re biased but every time villa are on, the commentary team would have you believe you’re watching 1970s Brazil not a bottom half championship team.

They said at one point “a club the size of villa should be trying to win the ball high up the field” as if others clubs have thought about it and thought I just don’t know if our club won enough trophies in the 1800s to justify employing this tactic.
20:44, Fri 2 Nov
Drops simple one’s but then also capable of a worldie.
21:05, Fri 2 Nov
ah schmeg. still, kinda figured they'd win tonight anyway.

let's blast derby out
21:14, Fri 2 Nov
Vile have surprised me, really really poor tonight, managed to make a really bad Bolton side look good for 55 minutes, get the impression that the vile forward players are aware of how shit they are at the back, so are wary going forward.

All that money spent for this?
21:27, Fri 2 Nov
Gotta be honest , I think they’ve won at a canter and made Bolton look awful. Not saying that’s difficult
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bolton offered more than i thought they would tbf

always looked like the vile would win though
21:30, Fri 2 Nov
Bolton are getting relegated. No contest tonight.
21:35, Fri 2 Nov
And that's what I meant, easy in the end, but for big portions vile were last ditch defending and looking shaky, against such a poor side.
Genuine promotion candidates would have put 4 up Bolton tonight...without the scares at the back.
For all the money, vile looked bang average tonight.
21:37, Fri 2 Nov
Villa certainly weren’t great but Bolton were hopeless.
21:39, Fri 2 Nov
Bolton ARE hopeless, that's the point I'm making. Derby would have got 5 tonight.