15:57, Wed 7 Nov
Just looked it up. It was 1968 he last played when he was 34, at which point a knee injury and Terry Cooper ended his England career.

Wilson was exceptional. Alan Ball was really good too. When he went to Everton they had a great side.
i loved that everton side but they didnt win the league till after Ray retired won the cup in 66 methinks.
Midfield trio Kendal Ball Harvey (white pele)

16:03, Wed 7 Nov
Yeah, Ball was a terrific player - but thinking of that 66 World Cup when he was only 21 I think? He probably wasn't quite in THAT class at that stage. Bloke I know who was at the World Cup final that day reckons Ball ran the bloody legs off Schnellinger who was also apparently a very high class player...but couldn't cope with Ball.

I've heard plenty of people - including ex-players and managers put Wilson firmly in the Top / World Class bracket.

And to think - a lot of folks reckon that in many ways the 1970 squad was better.

A great many people have Colin Bell in that absolute top banana bracket as well.
16:14, Wed 7 Nov
Definitely Bell. Probably in an England XI of my time, and despite the way our game gets run down, we’ve had some wonderful players over the years. Ball played at a very high standard through the main body of his career and was highly appreciated by the fans of those clubs he played for.
16:16, Wed 7 Nov
I saw Harvey’s career finally finished by Trevor Cherry in a game at Elland Road. Cherry’s ‘tackle’ on him was about as high as Farrell’s last week and as late as next week. Dirty beggar.
16:36, Wed 7 Nov
Newblue, Did you recall that ian storey moore`s career was ended by a tackle from the late Ray Martin @ stans! 1973.
Ray isnt dead by the way it was the way he tackled LOL



11:06, Fri 9 Nov
Apologies if it’s been done before, but I’ve just watched this documentary from 2016 on Bobby Moore on iPlayer. Really good cocumentary, On Iplayer for another couple of weeks and we'll worth a watch,

I was there at Maine Rd in 75 and hated the bloke for a while after, but what a player and what a man. Just on the football side of thingsI hadn’t realised what a great piece of play he’d made in setting Hurst up for the 4th goal in 66. Tragedy that he never had a real role to play in the game after his retirement.

Anyway, we’ll worth watching.
11:28, Fri 9 Nov
Ah , Ok. Had a busy week! Time to read this thread, methinks
11:46, Fri 9 Nov
yes Bovril, the camera work from the BEEB was pre historic and missed the first part of build up for that fourth goal, Germans play a ball into Box, mooro shuffles across and chests it down, Jack going apoplectic, he then pays a one two with Alan ball (jack now in full cardiac arrest mode) then glides forward and plays the pass of the match ahead of Hurst forty or more yards up the pitch!
Ball sits up beautifully for hurst to thrash into roof of net after brilliantly holding off German defender Schulz or Webber!

Then Kenneth Wolstenhome rolls out his golden words!