23:06, Wed 7 Nov
Help me out here.

I see people using those noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones on flights and don't understand how they're working with the Bluetooth turned off?

I'm flying loads for work and want to get some but don't know if that's defying the point of them if devices need to be in airplane mode?

Am I being a Gabby about this?
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"Oh Nikola Zigic"
23:25, Wed 7 Nov
Nobody does flight mode anymore ffs

Just leave it on, checks have gone slack.

This is another reason not to fly.
07:24, Thu 8 Nov
It's because the microphone plays a negative Soundwave to the ambient noise in your ear, cancelling the noise. Pretty handy on trains and planes.

Anyway, I've got these and they're very good.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Mobile Headset - Graphite Grey [www.amazon.co.uk]

They're about £50 cheaper in most places.
Dictated but not read.

Louie Donowa
08:15, Thu 8 Nov
Thanks, but I meant how are they connected via Bluetooth on a plane as I thought it had to be turned off.

Or is it via a USB/charging dongle?

Definitely going to buy some.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
08:20, Thu 8 Nov
I've got Beltron ones I use for work, cheap cheerful and do the job.

Got some serious Bowers and Wilkins bins for home, which are brilliant, but not cheap
08:21, Thu 8 Nov
The noise cancelation is in the microphone part of the headphones.

Most Bluetooth headphones come with a wire too incase the battery runs out, however they are fine over Bluetooth on a plane.
Dictated but not read.

Louie Donowa
08:27, Thu 8 Nov
If you have yer Spotify/whatever settings set to high quality, yer can live without adding about with DAC. Depending on the quality of yer players. No point paying high end prices and then playing heavily compressed strrams