07:05, Thu 8 Nov
In a New Zealand game.
Goodbye says it all.
09:02, Thu 8 Nov
Don't know how many runs were conceded but I seem to remember Gladstone Small having a 13 or 14 ball over for Warwick at the start of his career
09:12, Thu 8 Nov
Scott Boswell was the worst in that limited over final going back a few years.

That was really hard to watch, I was dying for the poor sod. He never recovered from it I don't think.
09:54, Thu 8 Nov
The Gladstone Small over was at Coutaulds Coventry in 1982 v Middlesex.

I was siting square of the wicket and being a small ground, you could see he was overstepping by a mile each time. So after about 5 no balls, Jim Cumbes DVB suggests he bowls off his 8 pace Sunday run. And he bowls a wide. The irony.

Few runs were scores off the over cos the madder Glad got, the faster and more unplayable the deliveries became. The batsman (Gatting?) just shouldered.

We all felt for Glad and you could have heard a pin drop. Such was the silence.
21:53, Thu 8 Nov
Respect for that info, how many balls did he send down?
I know it delayed his England career
08:56, Fri 9 Nov
Just had to Google:

18 ball over. 11 no balls and the one wide. Also found out that Wilf Slack and not Gatting faced most of them.

Fortunately he carved out an England career eventually and was a magnificent servant to the Bears.

10:17, Fri 9 Nov
I don't suppose they gave him another over to redeem himself..
True, he had a long and accomplished career with Warwicks, top bloke