17:54, Thu 8 Nov
Which Blues stuff will you always keep?
17:56, Thu 8 Nov
The correct words to Keep Right On
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
18:06, Thu 8 Nov
The scarf I've had for 44 years.
18:07, Thu 8 Nov
My full season programmes home and away from 75-78.
Full season programmes home and away from our 1st season up in the Prem

Silk yellow scarf and pin badges marking our term in Europe.
18:16, Thu 8 Nov
I've the got the Birmingham mail from the day after we won the cup. That's probably it.
18:19, Thu 8 Nov
Ive got the letters J&H from the Jeff Hall memorial scoreboard. I was after the clock on top of the scoreboard but my dad wouldn't let me climb up. You couldnt part them from me and I plan to line my coffin with them.
18:21, Thu 8 Nov
whos got the sofa that went to orient.
18:24, Thu 8 Nov
I've got the Premier Blues scarf I bought for my Dad. Had it back when he died and wore it to the funeral.

Will never get rid of it.
Keeping Right On since 1981
18:32, Thu 8 Nov
Yellow Adidas away kit from when I was a lad.

Sports Argos papers, why I've kept several dozen I'll never know.
18:40, Thu 8 Nov
F A Cup final programme .

Some Old Sport Argus papers in the loft

Scarf 56 years old
18:43, Thu 8 Nov
Full set of home and away programmes plus a few reserve games from the season I was born...1967/68.
19:17, Thu 8 Nov
Got the s myself.

And an original adidas top from 78 from my 10th bday.
19:43, Thu 8 Nov
Got the s myself.

And an original adidas top from 78 from my 10th bday.

Is it the white away one?
Goodbye says it all.
19:56, Thu 8 Nov
Got all the prem match day programmes the first 3 seasons, bought most home shirts since ‘00 and a few dvds I collected along the way.
Kind of want to get rid of them cause it’s clutter and I’m hardly going to make any money off them. Doubt I’ll be rocking up in my 05/06 home shirt either.
Every home programme from 83/4 -first year with a season ticket
Carling cup final programme and ticket signed by Zigic and Gardner
If vegetarians care so much about animals, why do they go around eating all their food?
Virtually every home programme going back to the early 60s, hundreds from 40s and 50s but not complete seasons.

Huge amount of aways back to the same time.

Every single home and away top released since the original blue and yellow addidas kits, not got either though!

All programmes from the FA cup run in 56 plus ticket stub from the final + Sports Argus from the day + pendant from the day.

Prize possession is a 1931 FA Cup final ticket, nearly as rare as the programme which I've seen a few times but I can't currently justify the price of around £1k!
20:44, Thu 8 Nov
Framed and signed Carling Cup Final shirt by all of the squad.
21:10, Thu 8 Nov
There was a little hut that sold programmes at the Coventry Road entrance to the kop in the early eighties and for my 16th birthday my dad got me a 1920s home programme. My dad isn't here anymore and out of all the Blues memorabilia i have its the one thing i would never part with.
21:11, Thu 8 Nov
A bullet with Ken 4rmstr0n5 's name on it
Southside Blue , not only keeping the blues alive but also singlehandedly saving the British Manufacturing Industry .