13:29, Tue 4 Dec
Mr Crosby
13:30, Tue 4 Dec
Kerry Katona.

Let the haters hate.

It'd be like waving a matchstick in the Albert Hall
13:36, Tue 4 Dec
Alesha Dixon

Although in their prime a toss up between Annette Andre & Barbara Bouchet
13:37, Tue 4 Dec
Lucy versamy. I’d let her cack in me cornflakes on a Monday morning
Christina Hendricks. Got a penchant for redheads, must be the Irish in me.
13:59, Tue 4 Dec
Rosie Jones, enough said
14:23, Tue 4 Dec
Needed to narrow this down. Considered these groups:

Countdown presenters
Sports presenters
Newsreaders and correspondents
Strictly dancers

OK going for Gabi Logan as she was on Strictly and is a sports presenter who was a sportswoman.
14:29, Tue 4 Dec
Rachel Riley

Get in the queue
14:33, Tue 4 Dec
Ginger Lynn Allen ( Late 70s version)
14:44, Tue 4 Dec
Nigella Lawson for me. Could knock me up a chip butty after.
14:44, Tue 4 Dec
Eiza Gonzalez 😜👌
15:03, Tue 4 Dec
Rachel Weisz ...good enough for James Bond
15:04, Tue 4 Dec

She shaved her head so you know she shaves her growler
Block D
Lucy versamy. I’d let her cack in me cornflakes on a Monday morning

I have to second your choice, look forward to the weather forecast when that little minx is on. top totty.
15:10, Tue 4 Dec
Andy Mac
morena baccarin.

I win.

You do indeed. Me too.
15:26, Tue 4 Dec
Audrey Fleurot, bien sûr!
15:32, Tue 4 Dec
Liz Hurley
15:33, Tue 4 Dec
15:35, Tue 4 Dec
Margot Robbie

Would go with this, but if you watch Wolf of Wallstreet you get a real life sample so it's not left to the imagination.

I'd have to say Jennifer Anniston in her younger Friends days - althought i still think she's fit now for her age.
15:38, Tue 4 Dec
Susan Boyle.