Garry Monk’s Comb Over
I’ve got no problem with asking, if it leads to rejection then so be it. I just need to find the least weird way of going about asking her seeing as we don’t see each other on a daily basis.

Maybe I’ve not been clear enough on that bit. Basically unless one of these kind of trips come up again, which is unlikely, then I’m not likely to see her to ask. I also have no idea how or where I’ve heard her name before, so she may think it’s incredibly weird that I know that?

None of it is "weird". It's life mate... it's what makes the world go around.

Just find her number, give her a ring and tell her that you enjoyed chatting and would she like to do it again over dinner?
Be a real man.

Wait til the office Christmas doo. Get absolutely paraletical early doors then stumble over and go straight in for the snog.

I can’t see a single thing that can go wrong with that.
Not quite getting this. You’ve met her, you liked her, you know her, she knows you, what do you have to lose? If you know her name presumably you could find her number if she works in the same place as you?
Garry Monk’s Comb Over
Maxine Collins
Why you think the chances of her going out with you are slim?

If not she’s probably married (or a lezzer)

Because I’m Vauxhall Conference standard whereas she’s Premier League.

In that case.

Chloroform. Cable ties. Van.

If you genuinely think that then you may as well go down the carlsblues route and find her on Instagram and Facebook and tug yourself to death. She's not going to see you on her level if you don't believe you are somewhere near.
Revere me.
00:03, Thu 6 Dec
Maxine Collins
Why you think the chances of her going out with you are slim?

If not she’s probably married (or a lezzer)

Because I’m Vauxhall Conference standard whereas she’s Premier League.

I did consider the email thing, but does that not come across as incredibly weird?

Treat it like a cup tie then 😁
00:15, Thu 6 Dec
Sadly Bat doesn’t contribute any more! He was the real deal when it came to lurve!
But a big cheeky grin and step right in, what you got to lose?

Actually weird could work. Phone her up & ask her if she could help you as you need some help picking a christmas present for your elderly mom and you don’t know anything about womens clothes. Obviously you’ll treat her to lunch.

Meet her in town and take her to your moms shop of choice -Anne summers and peruse the scanties and ask for her advice. Now she’lll either be laughing by this stage or she will have ran.

If she’s laughing then your laughing. Take her for lunch don’t eat anything messy, don’t eat with your mouth open, dont talk with a mouth full of food, don’t make noises when you eat, don’t be a cheapskate. Pay the bill.

Roberts your mothers brother.
07:05, Thu 6 Dec
The not knowing her name thing could be easily covered by:

‘I hope you don’t mind but, after yesterday, I couldn’t not ask if you fancied meeting for a drink so asked a colleague who you were.’
Surely you can manufacture a reason to go over to her side and bump into to her a few times to cement the friendship/relationship - where does she lunch ?
Have a look for her on social networks, it could you vital info about her (do your homework lol)
09:17, Thu 6 Dec
Are you a virgin? Sounds like it.
I have no idea what kind of answer I’m looking for, I was just more hopeful that someone would have more expertise than myself.

Do you know her name?
If so facebook search her and just send a message.

Just be honest and say you couldn't get in touch another way but wondered if you could take her our for dinner as you think she's really pretty.

You already made her laugh - that's half the battle.
Just message her like you're talking to a friend, without worrying about IF she will say yes or no.
Try not to care too much. If she says no you can't change it so don't sweat it and move on.
Don't add her on FB - just looks creepy.

Send her an email with something along the lines of " I enjoyed our chat the other day - if you fancy a coffee/drink after work, let me know".

Don't be too keen and keep it short - if she's keen, she'll reply. Don't over think it.

Hopefully you'll be balls deep within the week.
Some terrible advice on here.

Don't go chasing.

Any chance of a firm Christmas do?