15:13, Fri 11 Jan
How about combining two variations already suggested?

Welcome to Birmingham
(and smaller print underneath)
1911 was a mistake, now f*ck off back to Aston
15:23, Fri 11 Jan
City of Birmingham
The suburb

Make a nice commemorative tee shirt 🤔
15:24, Fri 11 Jan
Only issue with ‘Welcome to Birmingham’ is we would be ‘welcoming’ the vile weasel dropping pricks.
Should only ever welcome them with a baseball bat to the balls!

I agree


Would be more suitable.
18:01, Fri 11 Jan
Welcome to our City.
18:08, Fri 11 Jan
Remember that map of all the midland clubs in the Mercury, many years ago, showing the spread of fans of the west Midlands clubs across the region?

I seem to remember villa fans bragging that they were supported all over the region. Now they're trying to claim to be a Birmingham club?

They either want to be the club of choice for middle class football fans across the more affluent areas of Greater Birmingham and the midshires, or a blue collar Brummie club. They normally sneer at us for being a working class club.

I remember them doing one about the supporters clubs and blues had about 2 thirds of Brum itself. Was a few years ago mind, but they were still full of shite back then. #WeaselDroppings
18:50, Fri 11 Jan
Welcome to our City.

This, on second thought.
22:52, Fri 11 Jan
Blue Berni

regard's to you from mr carr.


And Carr was.
23:11, Fri 11 Jan
slightly off topic but was there ever a video gif of the Carr wave?
Keeping Right On since 1981
Not much of a fan of orchestrated applause at a specific time during a game; however, I wouldn’t mind the entire ground giving the filth the Nescafé handshake on 2minutes (Carr’s Jersey number)
"Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
09:14, Sat 12 Jan
Looking to get some banner inspiration/ideas from the SHA contingent -

I know we're a while away yet but I'm exploring the idea of having a big banner made for the Blues v Vile home fixture, which would be held in the Tilton and aimed directly at those with 12 toes in the away end.

So my question to you is, from your experience, what is the thing you say to Vilers which really gets under their skin and annoys them the most?

For me, it’s anything about them been fickle, obsessed, not from Birmingham, not proper Brummies etc. which seems to trigger my Vile mates the most! Ideally I’m just looking for a short sentence to have a pop and wind them up.

'We are Brummies, you are w*nkers' would be good one. Short and sweet, gets the message across but not sure it'd be allowed in the ground?!

Ideas welcomed.

"Have you asked the police to lock you in again?"
09:34, Sat 12 Jan

You'll be here till 5 o'clock.
12:22, Sat 12 Jan

You'll be here till 5 o'clock.