22:31, Wed 9 Jan
you are crackers

absolute rubbish you are talking i'm afraid.

The voice of reason.

End thread
22:31, Wed 9 Jan
I don’t fault Man City’s footballing approach at all to this and recent games, but the fact is the financial gap is such that they can have players not even on their bench worth more individually than the whole of the opposition.

The gulf with the elite is continuing to grow. It’s made even less palatable when the money comes from states which are massaging their image by ploughing in tens of millions, or through oligarchs or other corrupt business people laundering various amounts of dirty money. Though some are rubbish at it, of course.
22:34, Wed 9 Jan


but there is a massive over reaction to a big club beating a small club.
22:38, Wed 9 Jan
you are crackers.

so if a team gets 7 up just stop???

what if you are 7 up at half time in a two legged league cup tie?

absolute rubbish you are talking i'm afraid.

stop pushing, ease off

you see it in the vast majority of teams that are 6 or 7 up with 20 mins to go

how can you not be aware of this?
why should you?

what if you lost the away leg 8-0? All your players got injured or something?

just go for it if you want.

i understand why teams do ease off but to criticise players who are knocked a lot of the time for not giving their all for giving their all i don't understand if thats what they want to do.
22:43, Wed 9 Jan
I think classless would be if Man City celebrated the 5th 6th 7th etc goal by running round the ground doing pile ons and taking shirts off.

Continuing to do your job and giving the paying fans the spectacle of oh we might see double figures here is them being professional.
23:02, Wed 9 Jan
I'd be running round with my shirt off if i scored especially if i got a goal bonus, feck little old Burton, cash is king and if i was getting a bonus when i scored a goal i wouldn't be thinking oh shit i better stop taking the piss i can do without the extra few grand this week.
23:04, Wed 9 Jan
Sounds counter intuitive. Take your shirt off and get a fine :-) but I understand the sentiment
23:36, Wed 9 Jan
The sooner Man City and the elite eff off the better
23:57, Wed 9 Jan
I suppose it's how you see the world really. I once saw Villa beat Charlton 11 1. Hitchens got five before half time I think. But they were in the same division and all the players were on the same money. But the top teams in the premier today are like the boss of Amazon in terms of wealth. They have a totally disproportionate income and they soak up all the best players. Back then all first div teams had stars you wanted to watch. Today in some of the premier matches the gulf between the top five and the bottom ten clubs often makes for boring defensive football by one side and massive boring possession by the other. My early years of watching first div football was of watching two sides who both felt they had a chance of winning and attacked from the off. I grew used to the centre forward kicking off facing the opposition goal. Today he faces his own goal and passes backwards. I think maybe the top six should join a world league for TV cash and leave the domestic game to be firmly regulated financially so that a team like Burton or Rotherham could make a decent show against any other league team in the country. However, if money means success and more money means more success then soon only one or two games in the season will really matter, and it seems we're very close to that now in the premier league.
06:15, Thu 10 Jan
Anyone recognise Northampton right back Without Googling?

What a strange name for anyone let alone a footballer

Ha Ha - Brilliant!
06:16, Thu 10 Jan
That small town club that have been our recent bogey team? Feck them.

Shouldn't this be on the vile thread?
06:25, Thu 10 Jan
No issues with the recent trouncing's of Tranmere, Rotherham and Burton, just as I have no issue with the recent upsets by Newport, Gillingham, Accrington (if that is an upset) and the others. It's part of the game. Big teams play smaller teams and sometimes they dry bum them and sometimes the get their @rses handed to them.

I have a sneaky feeling that Pep might be eyeing a clean sweep this season... I'm no fan of Man City but there is something special about seeing a team or sportsman that is in a class of their own.
07:38, Thu 10 Jan

just a quick example of a gulf in class, from 1978