12:46, Thu 10 Jan
Back to league action and hopefully winning ways, I'm going 2v1 Blues, Juke brace and 22,198 in attendance!
12:53, Thu 10 Jan
Blues 1 Boro 0


Fire up the Monkmobile
13:04, Thu 10 Jan
Big win for Brum..

A good 5 1
13:05, Thu 10 Jan
2-0 blues

Che with both
13:07, Thu 10 Jan
13:09, Thu 10 Jan
Very winnable game.

We only lost 1-0 away earlier in the season because the midfield duo was Craig and Ndoye.
We aren't going up
13:09, Thu 10 Jan
1-0 to the Blues 👍
13:20, Thu 10 Jan
2-0 Blues.
13:23, Thu 10 Jan
0-1 Boro from a set piece
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
13:31, Thu 10 Jan
Shotton header ?
13:40, Thu 10 Jan
Blues 3 boro 0
Juke hattrick

Sorry, Just seen the clip of Jukes overhead kick it training on blues Instagram 😁
13:41, Thu 10 Jan
They have some good players and are fifth in the League.

Assomabomalong, Hugill and Downing. The later always seems to play well against us.

14:26, Thu 10 Jan
Really, really tough game.

Also exactly the sort of team that beats us, however, Pedersen, Jota, Vass (maybe) returning in addition to the little break we have had.\

2-1 Blues.

Che (2)
14:28, Thu 10 Jan
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
14:35, Thu 10 Jan


late sucker punch from a set piece for them
December 7 2018, about vile:
I'd be surprised if they lose another game this season
16:35, Thu 10 Jan
0-0 and under 20,000 cos of Pulis.
21:18, Thu 10 Jan
I just have this feeling we're gonna beat Middlesbrough.

I doubt many people really believed we were gonna beat Stoke, I didn't.

The fortunate draw at Hillsborough and the decent performance at West Ham tells me that despite the limitations we know we have in the side we can still stay in a match and snatch something.
Had this down as a win for a while

Think we match up well against their system

Would take a draw and 40 points if that meant closing the gap to 6th place

Hughill 45
Maghoma 72


Che and Kieftenbeld.


Mon the Blues!
11:28, Sat 12 Jan
1-1 Adams.

Be a tough, gritty game. Not a pretty sight.

This is a game we would of (and did) lost last season but are more than capable of getting a positive result today.