15:25, Thu 10 Jan
BCFC manager also reveals the type of player he's hoping to sign

15:48, Thu 10 Jan
Feck the EFL. Hopes are slim of finding someone who can have the same sort of impact as GG for £10,000 a week. Fingers crossed though.
Says we haven’t received any offers for our players and we need to add to the squad, not take away from it.
16:52, Thu 10 Jan
Cheers. Think he's spot on in that we struggle if anyone isn't on their game.
19:24, Thu 10 Jan
You have to admire GM’s fortitude and positivity. This surely rubs off onto our players. It’s been worth quite a few points this season, I’m sure - especially after all the negativity from previous managers.
19:28, Thu 10 Jan
I just love him more every day
19:33, Thu 10 Jan
The guy is a genius
21:55, Thu 10 Jan
I’ve read it 3 times and I’m still pissed
22:32, Thu 10 Jan
Le Mod
I’ve read it 3 times and I’m still pissed