23:55, Thu 10 Jan
I think so also.

Shame really, he could have been be a good championship player if he had any legs.
No future.....
23:58, Thu 10 Jan
An intriguing development. He seems to have done really well in the Scot Prem, so I’m wondering....

a) a welcome boost to our thin squad;
b) brought back to facilitate his sale (Sunderland?)
c) brought back to facilitate the sale of Jota or Adams

I’m hoping it’s (a), given GM’s recent comments re looking to have players come in, rather than go out. But that massive Y/E loss makes me nervous that it’s (c)?
00:01, Fri 11 Jan
Is it really worth it for peanuts?
00:15, Fri 11 Jan
Can't help thinking that he didn't make the standard at his last attempt, he's not going to make it now at 28 years old.
Hope I'm wrong!!
00:24, Fri 11 Jan
I guess we are still paying his wages so if he is in a bit of form why not take a look at him again.

If we are going to push on we will need as strong a bench as possible.
00:28, Fri 11 Jan
When pro footballers a) can't run very quickly b) react a little too slowly when being closed down
and c) aren't strong enough or lack aggression.... it's unlikely that they will make a fist of it in the English Championship.

Sorry Greg and all that ..... wish you all the best at your next club.
Rosie ....Ohh Rosie ....I'd like to paint your knickers Blue and White !
00:42, Fri 11 Jan
Monky Nut
Can't help thinking that he didn't make the standard at his last attempt, he's not going to make it now at 28 years old.
Hope I'm wrong!!

His form has stepped up markedly in Scot Prem. 8 goals in 16 games, this season. Kilmarnock (3rd) seem to be gutted - a good sign (team player/attitude etc).

Imo he was at Blues at the worst time, and wasn’t given many chances. Even so, he showed some good technical ability. I think he deserves another chance, with decent chunks of pitch time. He could well be a late developer....
01:52, Fri 11 Jan
I’m hoping it’s to add to our thin squad and he is given a chance under monk, I still believe he could be a good player in the championship.
05:15, Fri 11 Jan
Here we go must mean Jota is off😴why does everything mean Jota is leaving....
06:09, Fri 11 Jan
Just seen a few killie fans calling him one of the best forwards they have seen play for there team. Might aswell have a look I guess
06:22, Fri 11 Jan
Personally I feel his recent form for Kilmarnock has earned him a shot, even if just a rotation option.

I'd like to see him given a game off the bench.
07:34, Fri 11 Jan
Under Monk he could be a budget Robert Snodgrass, he has ability, I don’t think we can judge him on his time under Zola, where he was playing left wing, in the hole and even left wing back, anywhere but his best position.

Saying that, I assume he’s being sold and a deal has been done with someone.
08:01, Fri 11 Jan
Stewart was in the ‘bomb squad’ in the summer so it’s likeky that we’recieved a bid for him.

Although it would set an interesting precedent if Monk were to give him another chance.
No future.....
08:20, Fri 11 Jan
If they bring him back they won’t just give him a go so Monk can have a look at him on Saturday, if he plays for us he can’t move elsewhere as this meets the maximum 2 clubs in one season. I think he’s just been recalled to sell on to a league 1 club, more than likely Sunderland.

On the other hand if Monk intends on utilising him, think he could be an asset off the bench at least.
08:22, Fri 11 Jan
Is it really worth it for peanuts?

Probably, to get his wages off of the wage bill which I assume Killie aren't paying 100% of.

Also probably the reason they cant buy him outright.

Would like to see him given a chance by Monk but I also trust his judgement if he feels the player isn't good enough for this league.

Seen a few rumours that Sunderland wanted him. Already looking forward to him turning into a world-beater against us next season if he does go there.