13:07, Fri 11 Jan
All the best to you & your family dougie. I will give him my royal wave.

Up the blues!!
13:18, Fri 11 Jan
Have a great day mate and good luck and love to your family πŸ’™πŸ‘
13:19, Fri 11 Jan
Hope you have a great day - make sure the club know your position as I have always found the staff really do care about making sure you enjoy it.
13:22, Fri 11 Jan
Hope all goes well.
13:24, Fri 11 Jan
Good on you and them. Here's to the 3 points
13:26, Fri 11 Jan
All the very best, Dougie, and I hope that all goes well on every front for you.
13:34, Fri 11 Jan
Dougie Bell
Rab C Nesbitt
I'm sure he'll have a splendid day, and I hope his Mom is well enough to be there to share it with you all.
This. Are your missus and old man well enough to go, mate?

Really hope so. She's fast asleep at the moment, hoping she'll have enough energy. She's going to load up on pain killers in the morning.
Hopefully Dad will be OK, you get to park in the main stand car park, so hopefully hell be OK. He needs a lift too, my Nan died on Wednesday, so he's having to deal with all that at the moment. I can't really help him because I'm looking after my wife this week.
Bloody hell mate. Sorry to hear about your Nan, too btw. I’m sure she’ll be looking down and smiling at the babby enjoying his day. Good luck tomorrow mate, you’ll love it and so will he. All the best for the future too mate.
Keep Right On pal
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
13:48, Fri 11 Jan
Bloody hell Doug , all that to deal with , as well as being a Heathen and having ginger kid .... it's not as though being a Blues fan can be any relief ....
Southside Blue , not only keeping the blues alive but also singlehandedly saving the British Manufacturing Industry .
13:49, Fri 11 Jan
All the best to you and your family.

Is this the lad you took to Yeovil away a few years back?
13:53, Fri 11 Jan
Hope he has a cracking day.

He deserves it πŸ‘
14:05, Fri 11 Jan
All the best to you and your family.

Is this the lad you took to Yeovil away a few years back?

It is mate. He's 10 now. And yes southside, a proud ginga 😁
That was liquid football!
14:18, Fri 11 Jan
Brilliant. Another milestone as a Blues supporter.
14:57, Fri 11 Jan
Nice one Dougie. They and yourself will remember it for life. Mine still talk about it now. Get plenty of pictures.

Your post was almost perfect until you mentioned the Ginger nut lol.


Edit: buy a couple of the Blues signature books for them to use. Nice keepsakes.

When my youngest lad was Mascot at Charlton away, he asked Duggary for his autograph to which he obliged.
Then Christoph took his own Blues signature book out of his boot bag and asked my son for his autograph and to date it.
The man was a God in his own right. A really nice thought which goes a long way for children.
17:00, Sat 12 Jan
Tell him to lose them yellow boots Dougie - obviously bad luck!
Hope you (all) had a great day
18:22, Sat 12 Jan
Tell him I was well impressed with the way he pushed the ball about in the kop corner. Hope you all had a wonderful day today.πŸ‘

P.S. Them boots are the dogs.😎