12:47, Fri 11 Jan
OK, little test to stretch your brain muscles...might be a toughie for Bluenoses born post 1980....

Can you name the 9 Blues players to have scored against the Reigning European Champions while playing for Blues?
12:50, Fri 11 Jan
Madrid or Portugal? I did not understand the question. Nevermind me.
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12:52, Fri 11 Jan
12:52, Fri 11 Jan
Emmanuel Bertschin Francis
She's playing with fire, he''s not ready for nibbly pig...
12:53, Fri 11 Jan
Blake, Handysides & Ferguson.
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12:54, Fri 11 Jan
12:56, Fri 11 Jan
Noel Blake, Handysides and Mick Ferguson for a start.
12:56, Fri 11 Jan
Yep, all right but there's still 2 more....
13:00, Fri 11 Jan
Am I right in thinking we scored 3 agaisnt liverpool the season after they won it, but only scored one of them ourselves?
13:02, Fri 11 Jan
Whatmore? Tony Evans?
Number8 is the worlds best forum poster. FACT. End of chat.
13:02, Fri 11 Jan
Harford v Liverpool
Worthington v Forest 3 in 2 games
13:03, Fri 11 Jan
Yep, that's correct, the 2 OG scorers don't count!
13:04, Fri 11 Jan
Waldorf and Statler ?
13:05, Fri 11 Jan
Wow, I'm impressed!

Took only 15 minutes for all 9 to be identified, have to think of a harder question next time!
13:30, Fri 11 Jan
...oh what a day :-)....from a 2012 article

Neil Moxley
Birmingham City 3 Aston Villa 0, 1982
Looking at the record books, it was 24 hours after Boxing Day, but I think every Birmingham City supporter worth his salt remembers what took place in 1982 in the Second City derby.

Aston Villa were, after all, the reigning European Champions. Birmingham City were rooted to the foot of the old First Division.

However, that didn't stop over 40,000 supporters packing out the ground, including 6-7,000 Villa fans housed in the Tilton Road End of the ground. It made for a cracking atmosphere.

Goals from Noel Blake, the late Ian Handysides and a scrambled effort from Mick Ferguson unexpectedly lifted the Blues from the foot of the table.

Birmingham City had taught the reigning European Champions a lesson. It's not a sentence they hear too often at St Andrew's...