Probably one of my finest memories of visiting St Andrews, defo best ever Villa game, we absolutely stuffed the bastards, and 3-0 flattered them not us!

So unexpected as well.
I was on the Kop and the atmosphere was incredible , Noel Blake scored in front of the vilers and they pelted him with coins, definitely in my top 5 favourite games.
17:56, Fri 11 Jan
A bit backwards but Peter Ndlovu scored a hattrick against Manchester United the season they won the Champions League
40,000? You can put at least 6 or 7,000 on top of that.
19:06, Fri 11 Jan
IIRC wasn’t it officially 43,000 odd?

Wayyy over that

It’s the most packed I have ever seen our ground, it was brilliant
22:25, Fri 11 Jan
It was one of the first results I remember - I had only just got into football and had yet to go to a live game. If I could go back in time to see any game, it would definitely be that match.