16:30, Fri 11 Jan
Wolves was always one i hated because they would just hit anyone near the bridge - normally people who couldn't or wouldn't fight back.
Dong Ren OUT!
16:33, Fri 11 Jan
Wolves was always one i hated because they would just hit anyone near the bridge - normally people who couldn't or wouldn't fight back.

I think there's a common theme for me with underpasses

I never liked that long alley that the Police made you walk along between the pub and the ground when playing Luton (even though there was never any incidents - just felt vulnerable)
16:35, Fri 11 Jan
Vince knows
Can only speak personally but Swansea away at the start of the 94-95 season when we won 2-0 with Claridge & Regis scoring at the old vetch Field or whatever it was called.

The gate was only about 5 thousand but it was 4 thousand taffies on cider & speed & it seemed we had no ‘boys ‘ at all that there that day.

Shit it.

Yep that swansea one sticks out.
Also bristol city on opening game of season early 90's,they were going for it before the game,hardly any blues there because of the away membership.
16:37, Fri 11 Jan
Vince knows
A group of lads asked me for the time ( to suss our accents) so i showed one of them my watch and quite literally ran to the car .

Was a bit moody 🙂

We tried to keep them busy for a bit, so the driver could get back to the car 😁

Lot of Blues fans had scarves in the back windows of their motors, on the way there. On the way back, there was a lot of back windows missing.

Roughest one I’ve had with Blues, would have to be Perugia. Even after the initial shenanigans, they were trying to ambush us all the way back to town. Then we had the feckers trying to kick the hotel door in 🙄
16:38, Fri 11 Jan
Ayresome park was easily the worst ground but you could get smacked at Burndon Park, PNE and Wigans Springfield Park.
18:11, Fri 11 Jan
Been to most grounds,in order mine would be

Ninian Park moody as feck you could feel the tension in the air

Upton Park would be 2nd but not on par with Cardiff

Millwall but its mellowed these days.

Wolves just inbreds jealous of Birmingham as a city

Burnley saw it go right off there in the 90s
18:12, Fri 11 Jan
Chelsea in the 70,s was the worst, cup tie and king Kenny gets the only goal, Millwall Tottenham were all at home and really moody.

The old den was tasty as well, for some reason wolves never really bothered me. I missed out on going to Cardiff,s old ground and much to my regret.
18:14, Fri 11 Jan
Only time I felt intimidated in a ground was when Stoke invaded the pitch when we done them 7-0 twenty (!) years ago. That was only because I was eight at the time.

Outside I'd have to say Upton Park, not even so much for West Ham or any aggro, just more that the area around their old ground was moody on an evening fixture.
The Usual Suspect
18:18, Fri 11 Jan
Be Upton Park for me, a great away fixture that was.
18:33, Fri 11 Jan
Makes me laugh reading one post, that says 'Birmingham' ? one of the worst? It's easy now !

The wannabe SI wearing warriors of today, haven't got a clue what it used to be like !

Anyone who followed Blues from 70's through to maybe 2005 ish, knows because of how fans were 'welcomed', at St.Andrews, you had to have your wits about ya, wherever you went !

The Old Den, Upton Park, Ninian Park, Aryesome Park, Elland Rd. Stamford Bridge, in the 80's, could all be rough, especially when we 'turned out' properly !

Stanley Park, on occasions, at both Scouse games, could be eventful !

You only need to talk to people on holidays etc. to find out how people found their trips to St.Andrews !

Was on holiday with a bird once, in Ibiza and a Boro fan wanted to stab me, when I said I was Blues !

The good/bad old days !

Imagine if mobile phones had been in everyones pockets in the 80's, 90's, would have been murders on a large scale !
18:48, Fri 11 Jan
There’s some great pride I take being one of the ‘scarier’ teams to visit. Now I hate the petty violence and ganging up on people, I’ve seen it walking up to Digbeth before a game with kids having a go at away followers with families, that I have no time for but unlike the vile who give the fingers behind the police, it’s nice to know if anything does happen, most the time we end up on top.
We aren’t a very good football team and we will never have a big trophy cabinet but our fans are one of the best and intimidating and nobody can take that away from us, small in numbers but when it counts we show up. I love our ‘working class’ background and our tin shed of a stadium, it puts people off! I love our club and let’s hope we can win most arrests for a 4th time! Up the f’n blues!
18:54, Fri 11 Jan
Spot on, we did have the numbers as well early 80's but have lost that now for one reason or another. No surprises on that twitter link really,St Andrews being top 5 easily and Witton not even on anyones radar.
18:57, Fri 11 Jan
Upton Park for me, got the shite kicked out of me in the alley way next to the ground as well. Emosh.
18:57, Fri 11 Jan
Liverpool and Everton in the 80’s when people started to use weapons.

The bastards were evil.
19:11, Fri 11 Jan
Liverpool and Everton in the 80’s when people started to use weapons.

The bastards were evil.

This. Been involved in a few around Stanley Park with Blues just taking advantage of their boozers and not giving a shite. Some naughty business.