01:49, Sat 12 Jan
CBA to do a top ten, but does anyone remember one from the 80s- the Monicled Mutineer? I remember being bowled over by that at the time, but I’ve never seen it repeated since. I’d love to see that again, just to see if it’s stood up to the test of time.
Utterly brilliant - Them McGann boys know how to act....
Regards, Mick
01:55, Sat 12 Jan
The A Team
Line Of Duty
08:19, Sat 12 Jan
Nice choices. Bit disappointed with the last series of A team though when they fecked about with the theme tune and bought Robert Vaughn in.
08:35, Sat 12 Jan
No West Wing? without doubt the finest TV series ever made, no Red Dwarf, no Spiral, no The Killing?....best tv ...pffts
09:32, Sat 12 Jan
Auf Wiedersehen pet
Only fools and horses
Just good friends
Early Doors
Harrys Game
Til death us do part (a "controversial" one for the cool edgy kids to moan about)
Hi De Hi
Max and paddy
Turn left when you get on a plane.
09:52, Sat 12 Jan
Secret squirrel. The James Bond of the rodent world.
09:57, Sat 12 Jan
Only fools and horses.
The Blue Planet.
World at War.
Phoenix Nights.
Kick up the 80's.
The Man Behind the Green Door.
Green Wing.
Silent Witness.
Inside No 9.
The Wrong Mans.
Mighty Boosh.
10:49, Sat 12 Jan
No West Wing? without doubt the finest TV series ever made, no Red Dwarf, no Spiral, no The Killing?....best tv ...pffts

I had The Killing :-)
12:55, Sat 12 Jan
I’d say ones that are knocking on the door of the Top 10 of All Times are

Fools and Horses
West Wing
I’m Alan Partridge
World in Action
Happy Days
12:58, Sat 12 Jan
Steptoe and son.

Another great I had forgotten.
13:11, Sat 12 Jan
The Young Ones.

Linked Image
14:01, Sat 12 Jan
19:20, Sun 13 Jan
Top Ten is too small a list. In no particular order-

House of Cards
Ray Donovan
True Detective
The Following
Fawlty Towers
Young Ones
Happy Days
Spitting Image
Only Fools and Horses
Two Ronnies
Morecambe and Wise
The Sweeney
World at War
Tom & Jerry
Star Soccer
19:27, Sun 13 Jan
a place in the sun [under 20 grand]
19:35, Sun 13 Jan
Can't believe no one else has mentioned The Man Behind the Green Door, one of the best comedies of the 80's. Classic Rik Mayall and Robbie Coltrane.
19:42, Sun 13 Jan
In no particular order:-

Phil Silvers Show
Banana Splits
Aug Wiedersehen Pet
Boys From The Black Stuff
Fawlty Towers
Monty Python's Flying Circus
Only Fools And Horses
Young Ones
World At War
People's Century
The Tube
Married With Children
Wacky Races

Nigh on impossible to do a top ten!
19:44, Sun 13 Jan
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet
Open all Hours
The Wonder Years
Only Fools and Horses
Are nailed on in my top 10
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
19:52, Sun 13 Jan
In no particular order too.

The Sweeney
Doctor Who (John Pertwee & Tom Baker years!)
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em.
Secret Army.
Fawlty Towers.
Only Fools and Horses.
The Bridge.
Black Adder.
Dads Army.
19:59, Sun 13 Jan
I gave up on blindspot a long time ago. Its certainly not in any list of all time great programmes.