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Real Adebola Bloke

Rob, Zlammer, Rab C

The driver fair enough but totally or just mostly?

Are the other two blameless?

No right or wrong just looking for as many angles as possible.
Totally. That really is it.

But surely without the girlfriend interference he would have continued to drive safely and seen the sign and obeyed it.

And even if he was speeding surely if the lad had stayed put then there was no one to hit?

I blame the driver too but do you at least feel that the other 2 would need a stern word about their part in it?
21:00, Fri 11 Jan
Steve Cotterill is to blame ... obs !!

Please explain and show your working out.

(Sits back with cold drink)
21:02, Fri 11 Jan
The pedestrian might be struggling with the stern word part
21:04, Fri 11 Jan
irrelevant though. the rrrrrrrrrooot cause is the driver as he is responsible when he gets behind the wheel. If he feels there is any danger he should pull over. It doesn't happen obvs but we should.

if as a responsible driver he pulls over the rest is irrelevant.

of course thats just my take on it.
21:07, Fri 11 Jan
(E) all 3 to varying degrees.

The girlfriend for distracting the driver.
The driver for breaking the speed limit.
The lad for crossing when he should have waited.

Ultimately it’s the driver that will take the blame for speeding.
21:26, Fri 11 Jan
Even if he misses the speed limit sign it’s common sense to slow down in a built up area.
21:33, Fri 11 Jan
G) Lee Camp
21:39, Fri 11 Jan
G) Lee Camp

My answer.
It's easier to beg for forgiveness, than ask for permission.
21:52, Fri 11 Jan
Even if he misses the speed limit sign it’s common sense to slow down in a built up area.


This is why the driver for me gets the majority of the blame because something like that is his common sense and responsibility as a driver and he can't blame the other two involved for that
22:33, Fri 11 Jan
Davo's fault for not stopping filming as you walk across the road without looking talking about the benefits of South American holidays .
When the case reached court the court would find the driver 100% guilty, however, if a witness confirmed the green lights his punishment wiuld not be as severe. The driver has ultimate responsibility, he should not drink drive, drive tired or drive distracted, the girlfriend is a nause but it still falls completely on the driver.
22:58, Fri 11 Jan
Real Adebola Bloke

Rob, Zlammer, Rab C

The driver fair enough but totally or just mostly?

Are the other two blameless?

No right or wrong just looking for as many angles as possible.

The driver has a duty to drive with due care and attention. He doesn’t.

The girlfriend does not have a responsibility or duty of care in this.

The pedestrian has a duty of care to cross the road sensibly, which he does. His injury only arises from the drivers speeding.
00:10, Sat 12 Jan
There are mitigating factors that can be used to explain why he wasn't in control of the vehicle, but ultimately, the blame lies with the driver.
That was liquid football!
00:22, Sat 12 Jan
Real Adebola Bloke
Doing something about the concept of blame at the moment.

Please if you have a minute or two read this scenario and give your answer and any justification....


A man is driving his car on a dual carriageway through the countryside and his girlfriend is in the passenger seat. The man is driving safely and within the speed limit.

The girlfriend then turns the conversation into a full blown verbal attack/rant against the boyfriend and begins to quarrel with him.

The boyfriend responds by saying "Not now! I'm driving!"

But the girlfriend continues her rant and after this goes on for a few minutes, the boyfriend begins to argue back and defend himself.

At times, in order to argue as he wants, he had to look at his girlfriend which means that at various brief intervals he's not looking at the road.

One one such instance, he fails to see a roadsign that informs him that the speed limit is reduced by quite a large amount due to entering a built up area. He fails to see this due to being involved in the argument. He continues to drive at the speed he was as they enter the outskirts of the built up area.

Further along the road, a 16 year old lad walks up to the traffic lights to cross the main road.

He presses the button. The man is red therefore the light is green for motorists.

Although the man is still red, the 16 year old says to himself "ah sod this I'm not waiting." He begins to cross.

At that moment, the man and his girlfriend come around the bend at a speed that is too fast.

He hits the breaks but travelling too fast means that he can't stop in time and he hits the young lad who is smacked down to the ground and is quite badly hurt with several broken bones.

The question is...WHO is to blame?

a) The girlfriend/passenger?
b) The boyfriend/driver?
c) The young lad/pedestrian?
d) All 3 equally?
e) All 3 but to varying degrees?
f) None of them?

Please explain your answer where possible.

Hmm. If I was the judge, I'd think the driver, driving above the speed limit, is in the wrong - as in there is a speed limit for a reason (possibly being over cautious, but rules are rules).

Equally, there is a pedestrian crossing there for a reason. Presumably a dicey spot, so there are traffic lights there to make it more clear to any driver to stop - as in a red light is much more obvious than a pedestrian stepping out into the road.

I'd actually say that if there's a traffic signal on green, then that would most likely be the focus of a driver, more so than someone standing at the crossing, whom the driver would quite rightly assume was waiting for the lights to turn red.

So I'd say both at fault. The driver shouldn't be exceeding the speed limit, and if there's a pedestrian crossing, then the pedestrian should use it properly.

The driver should be aware of the speed limit, and not think 'fuc4 it'. The pedestrian should not think 'fuc4 it, I'll be OK'.

It took both of them for the accident to occur.

Now as a guy who used to be on a motorbike, I'd say 'I had right of way' is not what I wanted on my tombstone. As in, for the love of Pete don't step into the road unless you're sure you're not going to get tarmaced, because it really doesn't matter if the car driver has a pain in the ass chick.
00:40, Sat 12 Jan

*the driver, not even a question