13:53, Fri 18 Jan
My wife was due to start her jury service next week but hadn't heard anything back since she responded online. I got her to phone to chase it up today and she said the woman told her she had been eliminated from jury service because she was late responding and now the courts are going to decide the outcome. I looked online and it says she can get £1000 fine, that's more than the crooks in court get! surely that is just a scare tactic? we didn't realise there was a cut off point for responding.

this is a feckin joke, you try to do it and they threaten you with a court appearance.

I cant find anything on google saying anyone actually got a fine.
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13:58, Fri 18 Jan
she'll have done well if she just gets the fine. a mate of mine got 3 days in nick for not responding! courts take a very dim view of people not taking it seriously
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14:00, Fri 18 Jan
That's a joke..

If she responded she responded,

Not only that you could claim you replied via post and email and blame postal service.

Like you said some of these dirty fckers up in the dock prob wont receive that fine let alone 3 days in nick!
14:01, Fri 18 Jan
she did reply so she shouldn't get 3 days prison.

I'm glad I got her chase it up, she would have travelled there, taking a day off work for nothing
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14:02, Fri 18 Jan
they said she may get called up again in the future. they will be getting a phone call from me if they do.
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14:03, Fri 18 Jan
Are you saying she did not reply to the summons within the 7 days required or that she replied within 7 days but they didn't get it?

14:06, Fri 18 Jan
she didn't reply within the 7 days
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14:08, Fri 18 Jan
it came through the door just before xmas, worst time they could send it as the post office probably took 7 days to deliver it. she responded online the other week.
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14:09, Fri 18 Jan

It's quite important
14:12, Fri 18 Jan
we looked at the letter and put it up, not realising there was a 7 day response time, it said it on the back of the letter.
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14:13, Fri 18 Jan
That's unfortunate

Hope they let you visit her in the nick
14:15, Fri 18 Jan
When you say 'put it up' you mean you didn't read it?
14:16, Fri 18 Jan
looked at it and put the date in the calendar. it was xmas and things were hectic.
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14:17, Fri 18 Jan
14:20, Fri 18 Jan
This happened to my mate, it was for a murder case, he replied to the letter 2 days late via the website, he got a response a few days later advising that they would be following procedure and swapping him for the defendent.

He's currently serving 18 years.
14:29, Fri 18 Jan
I see you're clearly apportioning the blame to her now.😃

Don't pay the fine - she can do some porridge and you get a break. What's not to like?

As it is it sounds like they won't do much but are reserving the right to call her up again. I guess the point is do not ignore a court summons even if it is Xmas and you are busy.

she didn't reply within the 7 days
14:33, Fri 18 Jan
Unless it's a county court summons, they go in the bin.
14:39, Fri 18 Jan
surely she wont get prison or a fine as she did respond (in the end) and the fine is for not responding
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14:42, Fri 18 Jan
I have done it many years ago and on the first day got selected. (You get randomly selected from a pool of possible jurors)
Got sworn in and then the Judge came in and asked the court bailiff to take us back to the jury room. The case was then closed and made the paper as the shortest trial in Gloucester court history. I was gutted as I quite fancied re creating a scene from 12 angry men.

I spent the next 10 days not getting selected so just turned up read newspapers etc til 1pm and went home. Last 2 days told not to come in as nothing scheduled that would need a new jury.

This was a long time before I worked for myself and my boss had no choice but to give me the time off on full pay.
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14:45, Fri 18 Jan
When I got selected I was really hoping I was going to get a murder case, I ended up getting one. It was horrible having to watch the CCTV hundreds of times seeing a bloke being murdered. He ended up going down for life without the possibility of parole for 22 years.

I also got selected for a much more enjoyable and light hearted trial, a bloke bit his bosses ear off on his second day of work, not guilty 😂