14:03, Sat 19 Jan
RIP Phil, Conwy...all the best Mario.
14:23, Sat 19 Jan
RIP Phil
14:30, Sat 19 Jan
Sorry for your loss mate.
14:33, Sat 19 Jan
Sorry to read this. RIP
15:49, Sat 19 Jan
Sorry to hear your sad news.

16:10, Sat 19 Jan
RIP Conwy Blue.

Sorry for your loss, Mario. Sounds like you and your Dad had a great relationship, with Blues at the heart of it. Many of us can empathise with that, I’m sure.

Stay strong and do your Dad proud.
16:31, Sat 19 Jan
Truly sorry for your loss.
Nice words, all the best and KRO
17:00, Sat 19 Jan
RIP and KRO, sorry for your loss
Regards, Mick
17:02, Sat 19 Jan
Condolences on your loss, KRO.
17:51, Sat 19 Jan
Great post

19:21, Sat 19 Jan
Kro mate.
21:47, Sat 19 Jan
God Bless mate my Dad brought up in Carlton Road Bordsley Green lost him a while ago proper Brummie and Bluenose !
Your Dad joins a special group of people up there in the Blues room KRO !
21:55, Sat 19 Jan
Thanks again lads and lasses lovely messages to read.