00:38, Sun 20 Jan
Agreed, Moseley Boy. Their manager had us sussed and their tactics were spot-on. I think more teams will follow suit. We need to be more adaptable, and capable of reacting to the opponent’s tactics as they unfold.

Great as GM is, I think he needs to learn better from such experiences. Boro and QPR were similar. All three teams combatted our physical, smash and grab style by (presumably) instructing players to fall dramatically when they felt a touch. They then use pace and fast passing to cut through our rather pedestrian midfield, and wrong-foot defenders.

If you were a neutral, the game v Canaries was really interesting from a tactical perspective. I found it a very sobering experience.....
04:40, Sun 20 Jan
A bit like Rowett then, no Plan B, of course Monk will be absolved of this because he's not had any resources to work with, unlike Rowett of course...
12:18, Sun 20 Jan
First Norwich away, 1982, wedndeay night. Got there late, we were queuing outside and heard a muffled cheer. “Feck, we are losing already” get inside, we are 2-0 down. We lost 5-1. Then we lost to West Ham on the Saturday away, 5-0.

The good bit. They were not the worst results that season!

IIRC, 5 games, two goals for, 17 against, one point. And that was the end of the “I’m doing every game this year” ambition