23:51, Sun 20 Jan
Acting Manager at Luton.

Win 4-0 against promotion rivals Peterborough.
00:11, Mon 21 Jan
Didn’t that utter arsewipe Mike newel used to manage the hatters?
One of Trevs signings which backfired!

08:03, Mon 21 Jan
Yep he did. Wasn't he involved in taking bungs or something?
08:29, Mon 21 Jan
Be good to see Luton go up although I reckon Sunderland will beat them to an automatic place so it'll have to be through the play offs. Lot of potential there and if their new ground gets the go ahead they'll be one of the better supported teams in the Championship.
08:31, Mon 21 Jan
MM did you ever go to kenilworth rd?
We went in Trevs fist super boy season, we were on the home end ( oak rd) they didn’t like it!
Then again in 75 in cup!
Howard Kendal scored a screamer!
08:36, Mon 21 Jan
Yeah been there, love it, proper old school ground and passionate supporters. Be good to see them back after their 30 point? deduction nearly put them out of existence.