18:14, Fri 8 Feb
4-2 Che hat-trick.
15:51, Sat 9 Feb
We are going to absolutely murder these bums with our new formation.

They will be knackered from their cup exertions

QPR 1 Blues 4 (Juke 2, Adams, Gardner G)

General bitching post game about missing the kick off after turning up at two minutes to three expecting a personal OAP gate to have been cut through Elsie’s living room at number 24.


A few others might be following this too.

I hope money was laid down

Che hat trick and a smith headed goal would be a decent pick up
16:26, Sat 9 Feb
Still confident?
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
17:04, Sat 9 Feb
4-2 Che hat-trick.

Oooof. So close.
Dictated but not read.

Louie Donowa
17:47, Sat 9 Feb
Still confident?

I called the draw at 4-0
18:15, Sat 9 Feb
European Bob
Sort of a big game with a lot of teams around us playing each other. A win could catapult us right into contention (points deduction ignored) whereas a defeat could all but end hopes, depending on other results obvs.

1-1 draw for me,

Che to put us one up but a disappointing late equaliser.

Just checking this thread to see if anyone had QPR 3 V 4 Blues,

Blues 4-1 up at half time.

Adams Hatrick, Jota 3 assists. Camp 90 minute penalty save for the win.

Still recovering from one of thee great away days