17:17, Sat 9 Feb
Incoming but not enough to relegate us.

Sonic Youth fan. MBV. If you like feedback that much get a job at the council.
Franksy reporting chunt
17:17, Sat 9 Feb
How does he know
17:19, Sat 9 Feb
5Live apparently said the same this morning.
Dong Ren Out.
not enough to put us in the shite ..3/5 points i reckon
17:21, Sat 9 Feb
12 would still leave us 8 clear of reading.
17:23, Sat 9 Feb
not enough to put us in the shite ..3/5 points i reckon

Always thought around that, they will want to hit other clubs with harsher penalties

Shame though if 5 points, looks end of our play off hopes to me
17:23, Sat 9 Feb
What will be, will be. I’m just loving the football we’re playing. Best Blues team in years,
17:24, Sat 9 Feb
Since 2012.
17:25, Sat 9 Feb
Blue Monday do we reckon? Not enough to relegate us seems very vague. They've either heard a figure or they haven't
17:25, Sat 9 Feb
I can see it ending up in the courtroom
17:26, Sat 9 Feb
And today we equal our points total for last season with FIFTEEN games to go.
This gives EFL the chance to give us a hefty points deduction with very little chance of relegating us, wouldn't be surprised if we get the news this week.
"Too many protest singers, not enough protest songs"
17:26, Sat 9 Feb
That's really disappointing, a points deduction only effects the players and the fans. What have they done to deserve this?

The club should be fined at worst.
Since 2012.

Some better ex-prem players then; but I much prefer watching this team. A matter of opinion, of course.
17:32, Sat 9 Feb
Rumour is it's 12.

Believe it when you see it though.