19:12, Sat 9 Feb
As is often the case with things like this the real issue gets overlooked by focussing on the rules as they are written which we obviously did flout.

The real issue is the fact that the EFL’s method of trying to get ‘Fairness’ is completely bat-shit crazy.

By having the ‘rules’ apply only over a three year period it simply encourages clubs to spend wildly in the hope they go up - exactly the opposite of what it should do.

It may well be that we flouted the rules, but the rules are insane. I am sure that this system has ended up this way to try to deal with the massive differences between clubs relegated from the Prem, and everybody else but no-one will convince me the EFL have got anywhere near to a sensible solution.

Surely a better way is a total salary cap or something similar.

I also would question whether a more ‘fashionable’ club would have been treated differently.
19:13, Sat 9 Feb
You only get 12 points for going into administration and taking other clubs for money in the process and then the slate is wiped clean

How on Earth can we get the same punishment but worse as we would assume still be prevented from trading

6 points and 6 suspended maybe but a straight 12 would be scandalous .

I get that it’s our fault but feck me let the punishment fit the crime

Thing to make clear is that while I've heard 12, as I said on Twitter I have no way to verify it.

It could be a league recommendation for the hearing, it could be after the hearing.

Let's see what happens before we completely lose it.
19:15, Sat 9 Feb
We still have until the end of June to bring in fresh income do we not?
19:15, Sat 9 Feb
El Mayor
Mario kempes 78
Serious question
Will we have our lawyers out in force trying to save our bacon or will the clubs owners just sit on there hands and take it? As I’ve not a heard a thing from our club saying they are going to fight this.

So frustrating but I wouldn’t mind putting up a bit of a fight.

We've had Mishcon de Reya on it for four months mate.

We've fought and it looks like we've lost.
That was a mistake. Should have gone for Herbies. Proper litigators.
19:16, Sat 9 Feb
Surely it’s just cheap reporting as that 1/ point figure has been doing the rounds for a year now.

The scum bags read the likes of SHA and report it as a ‘source’
19:19, Sat 9 Feb
The real problem, and this is where the League May fall foul, is that had we been in the Prem in any of the last three years, we would have passed.

Because of the greater allowable debt.

That sort of law does not stand up in court. It is cartel behaviour.

The difficulty is getting it INTO court. Arbitration’s are normally in their own world. Plus FIFA eff over teams taking their leagues to court.
19:24, Sat 9 Feb
Can we legally challenge it.
19:29, Sat 9 Feb
Can we legally challenge it.

We have had lawyers on the case for four months mate.

IF we get hit with it, I'd assume we've lost.
19:29, Sat 9 Feb
El Mayor
Cant be 12 points surely?!

Also can we appeal it in court or is there nothing we can do

Nothing we can do mate. We've been fighting it for months, if we get 12 points the EFL have all their ducks in a row.

This sanction will be (presumably) following a Disciplinary Commission?

If so... the sanction can be appealed under regulation 93.1 (Disciplinary Appeals)


"A party to a Disciplinary Commission may appeal against a final order of the Disciplinary Commission...."

"A Disciplinary Appeal shall be heard by the League Arbitration Panel in accordance with the provisions of Section 9 of these Regulations..."

Note: Arbitration panel (3 members) is one independent person nominated by each party and one appointed by the Institute of Arbitrators.
19:33, Sat 9 Feb
El Mayor
Rumour is it's 12.

Believe it when you see it though.
You mean it’s 12 points that the EFL will recommend we be docked when the hearing takes place?.
19:36, Sat 9 Feb
If we have good lawyers we will arrange a deal to make it come into effect next season
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
19:38, Sat 9 Feb
Good spot

Guess it’ll drag on further then, cos that means the league can also appeal it
19:39, Sat 9 Feb
Ser Tait
If we have good lawyers we will arrange a deal to make it come into effect next season

If we appeal to Arbitration... It will take months.
19:53, Sat 9 Feb
If the leak is accurate it doesn’t say much for the independence of the adjudication, does it? Do you get leaks of jury decisions?
19:54, Sat 9 Feb
Cattell Prod
Incoming but not enough to relegate us.


What are their sources

It's an independent panel making the decision isn't it? EFL can make recommendations I guess but how on earth can they know the outcome???

Spot on and we have a say who is on the committee.
19:55, Sat 9 Feb
Ser Tait
If we have good lawyers we will arrange a deal to make it come into effect next season

That will be worse. We don't want to start the season on a minus. Get it done this season.
20:01, Sat 9 Feb
Without a points deduction we could very well make play offs
The intellectual saviour of the masses.
would i be wide of the mark to suggest that if we came up with some novel but not completely unconnected sponsorship and relationship deals that brought in fresh income they would be quite happy to see it for the cherade it is but let it go to save all the hassle, say well done nothing to see here after youve put that in place

or are they looking to critically asses everything we do to the letter of the legislation and out to make an example of us?
20:21, Sat 9 Feb
I don't question the incompetence of our owners but they have only tried to invest in the squad. They kind of understand the informal rules of football.

There has been one key, unwritten rule in English football over the, nearly, 150 years the Blues have been going. It's always been there but certainly not written down in any documents.

It is simply this. The wealthier clubs use their wealth to get the best players, best managers, best youth systems, grounds and facilities. In all our history, to my knowledge, wealthier clubs have consistently used this informal rule to make sure they get to stay at the top. So, globally, Barcelona and Real Madrid have done this for decades, nationally the top five or six in the prem do it now. Would Chelsea have won all these trophies in the last 20 years if Abrahmovic had not acquired the assets of the Russian people with the help of the ex-KGB gangsters in government. The Swiss government stopped him getting a passport recently because they know what kind of dodgy practices that lies at the heart of his and Chelsea's success. Financial fair play anyone? Profitability and sustainability? My arse.

In our division our rivals like Wolves and Villa have spent small fortunes over the last few years. Fair play over there? Nah.

So, a club that in 144 years has never had the wealth to compete with the teams at the top is about to be punished by the EFL for spending too much on footballers, while the wealthier teams are never ever punished.

And what do many of our fans do? Tell all and sundry that we was wrong and need to be punished.

Now if Blues fans were prepared to research, investigate and analyse the shenanigans of all the wealthier teams in our division, so that a fair comparison could be made that may, arguably, be fair. But it seems easier to make the case for the EFL against the Blues than do some thorough comparative analysis of other clubs in this division. Sadly, some seem to persist in shining the light on our owners inadequacies, focussing the lens on the Blues failings rather than the wealthy clubs who have invariably done as they wished. I think that's a mistake.

Up the Blues.
[www.prostatecanceruk.org] is a really useful link.

You can access information, speak to an advisor with expert information or email them. It’s a really good service, I think.
20:30, Sat 9 Feb
Ser Tait
Without a points deduction we could very well make play offs

Doesn't mean we will go up. We could lose in the play offs and start next season on a minus.