17:25, Sun 10 Feb
Not a grudge match but one of the Anglo-Italian games got a bit tasty. Can’t remember if it was the same one where the floodlights failed.
17:52, Sun 10 Feb
Yep, the blue king fu was getting stuck in (as usual) but I'm sure Paul H was flying under the radar that day as well
18:02, Sun 10 Feb
I went to the Newcastle match at home. Kenny Burns was in his element that day. If it moved he kicked it
21:34, Sun 10 Feb
One Riley
Yes Smith went flying over the top and snapped Want's shin. Deliberate and Vicious. It was in a daft-cup night match up at St James. We played them again at Stans the following Saturday in the league and it was borderline criminal. Burns and Hendrie (I think) were on a vengeance mission. Seem to recall two geordies were carried off injured. Nastiest game I have ever seen.

No it was pendrey not Hendrix!

Had that game been played in today's era there would have been at least two red cards!
22:17, Sun 10 Feb
Savage's return to st andrews with Blackburn, remember when he scored for them, then we went on to get the winner

He also came back out after the final whistle and applauded us. Cracking atmosphere that night.

Really? I was there that night and don't recall that bit of sportsmanship or love in with the Blues fans. I do recall him celebrating like a lunatic after equalising for Blackburn with a scuffed shot, only for Forsell to put us back in front about a minute later with what proved to be the winer, then every man, woman and child in the ground rising as one to sing "Robbie Savage, what a Banker, what a Banker"!