09:48, Mon 11 Feb
Normally love watching England spank any opposition (on the rare occasion that it happens) but "Le crunch" felt like an anti-climax after QPR (what wouldn't). I genuinely feel sorry for the French players. The coach is a dinosaur who is only there because they have a megalomaniac Federation president who can't abide anybody standing up to him. When I think of some of the French teams that have come to Twickenham over the years it makes me weep to see a shambolic outfit like that. Fair play to England though. I'm not sure that our pack is particularly heavy, but they really seem to have made progress with scrummaging (notable against Ireland). Could Mako and Sinkler be the best pair of ballplaying props that have ever played together internationally? Courtney Lawes was immense... Farrell too. I almost love Johnny May as much as I love Lee Camp. Please, please, let's do Wales.