08:01, Tue 12 Feb
Nothing tops my sweaty embrace shared with him after a last minute winner against Hyde. If I’d have known then how consistent a scorer he would go on to be against us then I would’ve refrained and merely offered gentle applause.
09:48, Tue 12 Feb
It is amazing that we are completely incapable of dealing with such a basic tactic as whumping the ball up to Smith every time we come up against him.

We know what they are going to do, yet always seem to be caught on the hop.

The first goal was a classic example of how pickled we get. We should put a man in front of him at set-pieces to make sure that the delivery has to be inch perfect, and then just challenge for any header he does look like getting. Instead , Morrison forgot the ball and just got into a wrestling match - which he lost, because he was always going to lose a wrestling match against a bloke that big and strong. A man in front would have cleared that corner easily.

Back in the day - when we came up against the original Superkev for Stockport, that's what we did. Put a man in front of him at set-pieces and headers from open play we dropped off - accepted that he would flick them, and concentrated on picking up the second ball.

Sometimes they will still win headers because they are just that big and the ball is that accurate, but it was embarrassing that Smith won virtually every single header everywhere on the pitch even from poor deliveries.
15:28, Tue 12 Feb
It such a simple tactic but, very effective.

A few have done it against Juke lately, hence him not being quite so effective. That said, it will give somebody else more room, possibly what Adams is benefiting from
What did the Knights in White satin?
15:42, Tue 12 Feb
Yep, I don't worry so much with Juke though - because if defenders want to drop off him he does actually have the ability to bring it down and play.

Smith has basically one trick. I don't even mind Smith, I think he's a good honest lad who works really hard and does what he does...especially against us. If he played against us every week he would make Aguero look short of goals.

The best tactic defenders can use against Jutkiewicz is just to smash through the back of him at every opportunity in the knowledge that it appears to be against the law to give him a free kick...oh no wait, most teams already do that.