14:44, Tue 12 Feb
Any way of finding out what they're offering tonight before I get there?
14:50, Tue 12 Feb
Go to Blues website, News, Heading to the Ground? Also available on various social media platforms.

Tonight's meal is Beef Rendang with sesame & coriander flavoured jasmine rice.

Soup is plum tomato & basil
15:06, Tue 12 Feb
Thanks Jim.
15:22, Tue 12 Feb
Beef Rendang tonight

EDIT: Soz, Jim beat me to it.
15:32, Tue 12 Feb
Takes me back to my "landmark birthday" holiday in Indonesia.

Looking forward to it.
15:46, Tue 12 Feb
you could shout through the door.
Waggeh: "All because some fat lad from Rubery slapped greasy Jack with his bingo wing."