16:06, Tue 12 Feb
I would hope we win convincingly tonight, however, our nemisis is playing, Lloyd Dyer, so they will more than likely score. That man loves to stick it to us!! and not to mention Donoldson and Buckley.
16:07, Tue 12 Feb
Another 4-3 on the cards then. Can't wait!
16:15, Tue 12 Feb
Good point. Forgot about him. 5-4 then.
16:16, Tue 12 Feb
And Jason Lowe
What did the Knights in White satin?
16:22, Tue 12 Feb
I only looked at Boltons last 2 games, he didn't play in either of them..
16:25, Tue 12 Feb
He's coming up for his 37th birthday, I doubt he make play in every game.
16:28, Tue 12 Feb
He's only played 5 games this season and the last of these was on 12 January
16:43, Tue 12 Feb
They’re mugs if they don’t play him tonight though? I’m already panicking......
16:54, Tue 12 Feb
You've convinced me.

I'm going to stay home and watch EastEnders instead of going to watch us lose to Bolton.
18:57, Tue 12 Feb
Dyer not in 18
19:22, Tue 12 Feb
Good news