16:57, Wed 13 Mar
Fat Buddha
Couldnt stand him, was gutted when he came to us, delighted when he effed orf.

I can get that you couldn't stand him - a lot of people couldn't. Some of his players couldn't.

A lot of his players loved him though.

He was a very good manager though.
17:18, Wed 13 Mar
First thing he did was get rid of Frank Worthington and replace him with Byron Stephenson. That could be wrong but it's how it is in my memory.
He was a supporter of a 'Save Our Society' campaign during his time at Blues aimed at getting rid of trouble at football matches. A friend of mine got him to sign one of the posters as a get well message when I was in hospital, I still have it somewhere. I'd have him down as siding with David Cotterill if he was still in good health.
18:09, Wed 13 Mar
Terribly sad story here of how our former manager is now struggling in his final days with dementia. I found it astonishing to read that during his playing days they used to head medicine balls in training 😯.


About 1985, when i was fit, i fancied myself as a very good squash player. Played for a regional team etc. Was at Wyndley Leisure Centre one night waiting for our court to be free (i was about 30 minutes early). Saunders put his head round changing rooms door and asked if anyone wanted a game as his partner had had enough - but he still had his court booked for another half hour.

"Sure" i said .... i thought i'd go easy on him 'cos i was 24 and he was about 54 ... and i was a good, regular player, and he was probably just playing to stay fit.

Whooped my ass he did !!!
18:11, Wed 13 Mar
He wasnt too keen on his daughters choice of boyfriend

Yeah ... had a full on fight with Howard Gayle when he found out that his daughter had started dating Gayle
18:27, Wed 13 Mar
For Britons, Ron Saunders, the ex- manager of Aston Villa and Norwich City football clubs, was the star performer: he had, he said, gone to India, become a disciple of Ching Hai and had come back a changed man. He had never seen a fashion show before, much less met a model. But what was really exciting him was the prospect of being near to his Supreme Master. When asked to MC the press conference, Ron was beside himself. "This is the biggest privilege of my life," he said. The fact that this was to be a press conference to a small cluster of photographers did not lessen his joy. He looked on enraptured as the woman who, in his words, is "on a par with Jesus" explained the rudiments of dressmaking.


09:07, Thu 14 Mar
That's correct, followed shortly by the signing of Mick Harford in a strange Newcastle via Bristol City deal.

Agree with the comments on here - a damn fine manager who was on the verge of building a very good Blues team but was scuppered by the lack of cash available to him.

Damn unlucky as well. The 3-1 FA Cup QF defeat at home to Watford finished us, we suffered several injuries and nose-dived from 10th position downwards. The last game I remember well, we absolutely battered Southampton at Stans but the ball just wouldn't go in. Stoke beat already relegated Wolves 4-0 and Mick Bloody Ferguson (on loan to Coventry) scored their winner which ultimately sent us down. The only time all season we were in the relegation zone was the one that mattered - the final table.

Although we went back-up, we'd lost the core of the team, and after the 2-1 debacle at home to Altrincham in the Cup Saunders finally gave up and quit.
09:55, Thu 14 Mar
Yeah, the Stevenson for Worthington deal horrified me at the time - but then it turned out Stevenson was ace and we signed Harford.

DES mentions Waddle and Mabbutt which was right, but we didn't have the money for Mabbutt and Waddle would have been a swap with Kevin Dillon.

I have said many times, we had a lot of good players brought in by Saunders but never got them at the same time because he was always having to sell one player to fund bringing in another.

If he could have brought in the likes of Harford, Clarke, Hopkins, Gayle, Blake, Stevenson - and potentially Mabbutt and Waddle - without having to sacrifice players to do it, along with players like Kuhl and Dicks who were coming through, we would have had a very, very good side. But it just didn't work like that.