21:44, Wed 13 Mar
Those fans that thought we had a top half squad can stop saying they told us so.
22:07, Wed 13 Mar
There's only 4 home games left.
We deserve our club back


"Oh Nikola Zigic"
22:09, Wed 13 Mar
We didn’t punch anyone
22:11, Wed 13 Mar
We haven't scored in March
22:16, Wed 13 Mar
I wasn't there tonight. I might have been the second pitch invader in 4 days.

Gary Neville would be apoplectic. "you can't have players having to put up with watching a man in his mid forties dropping his trousers in the centre circle and crapping on the centre spot, whilst holding up his middle finger to anyone anywhere near him, shouting "I can't take any more, you disappointing bastards"
That was liquid football!
22:21, Wed 13 Mar
We sold lots of pies!!!
22:22, Wed 13 Mar
Did one flavour stand out against the others?
22:45, Wed 13 Mar
Players championship tomorrow.

Cricket season soon.
No future.....
22:52, Wed 13 Mar
Pie competition was an amazing success!!
Put five thousand on the gate and supplied the nights only excitement.
22:56, Wed 13 Mar
Hughton - in the stands - may not now bother with Che
23:01, Wed 13 Mar
Did one flavour stand out against the others?
Balti was the best of them all.
But I must admit to feeling a bit bloated.
All those pies and I never won a single prize.
23:08, Wed 13 Mar
We're still in the top half...
08:24, Thu 14 Mar
Did one flavour stand out against the others?

Pasties were flying out of the incubators.