11:01, Thu 14 Mar
Millwall did a Blues on Blues we can't play against teams that let us have the ball it confuses the players.

As for the ref I do now think that the FA will say, don't worry lads about the points deduction we have already done it over the season.
11:18, Thu 14 Mar
Wes just stopped didn't he? and the forward didn't.

Millwall were decent, a spot-on away performance. Defended like hell, whacked anything that came near them away, and looked to hit on the break. Then when we threatened to put them under pressure second half they just murdered the game and brought it to s standstill.

They deserved to win and we were crap.

Oh absolutely.

A proper job. They've done their homework. Give us the ball and we'll eventually make a mistake...
We made several. Luckily only 2 cost us,
13:59, Thu 14 Mar
Starting to think some are right about this conspiracy. Watched all the highlights of games tonight and Mike Dean was reffing the forest v vile game. Not saying Dean is the best ref but he’s a PL ref, have we had any high standard refs this season as it seems like we always get the horrendous ones.

As some have said don’t think result would have been affected tonight but vile game on Sunday another example, needs big ref for occasion and they sent him!

? He's card happy, fecking nightmare of a ref!
15:08, Thu 14 Mar
I blame Morrison as much, ran back into the box and made no effort to attack the ball.

I haven't seen it since and was still pissed off that our free kick in dangerous position, turned into their first 12 seconds later.

Maybe, they did all that could to get back
What did the Knights in White satin?