On this sky bet offer, I did an EW bet and my horse came nowhere. I only got £10 back, is that right?
15:30, Thu 14 Mar
Yes. Read the terms. Refund on win part only
Fat Buddha - 'Rab C Nesbitt. He's a contrary fecker, but invariably right. He has his finger on the motherfecking pulse.'
16:30, Thu 14 Mar
Paisley Park did it then šŸ‘
16:38, Thu 14 Mar
Glad to be of assistance!
16:45, Thu 14 Mar
£68 up today thanks mainly to being £40 up from the sky bet offer šŸ‘

Kicking myself for not doing the full £20 with sky bet now though!
16:52, Thu 14 Mar
5 races in 5 winners!

However, Tues and Wednesdays I've just done accumulators. Today I decided to bet individually on each race. Had I stuck to what I'd done the other days I dread to think what odds and cash out I would have had up to this point.

Any clever dicks that can work it out I went £5 each way on the 7 races yesterday so had I done that today any ideas what that would work out to so far with 5 winners?

For the record I have Posh Trish in the next race @ 4/1
17:01, Thu 14 Mar
One winner so far today, one second, truly awful day again
17:04, Thu 14 Mar
3 winners and also had two of them in a double, very lucky today
17:09, Thu 14 Mar
Iā€™ll be taking your tips tomorrow
22:09, Thu 14 Mar
Day 3 dawns.

Good luck everyone šŸ˜Ž

Any tips for the Stayers Hurdle?

I think on racing threads people should put their choices up ante post or pre race . Rather than i've won a fortune today šŸ˜ One guy said he had five winners and a second out of the six races on day 1 or 2 . I was going to ask him to pick me some lottery numbers .